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    Third Marshall Alastrine!

    Grats on rank 12 Alas! been a long journey but you finally got there! havent known you that long but you've been such a good friend and awesome to group with or fight against, but it does annoy me when im on creep and your running around solo'in keeps and we cant kill ya! good luck on rank 13! keep playing cappy and stop levelling that mini!

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    Alas, talk moar please. I'd do things on purpose just to make you mad so you'd yell but you'll just drop group instead~

    Gratz on rank

    Attended by Coldaen

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    Congrats ala. Definitely one of the best cappys on the server. Without a doubt you and kichi are the top 2. Come play your war leader some more dude.

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    Thank you all so much, it's been a long time coming and i have to say throughout it all, it's been a hell of a journey. So many great memories rush through my head when i look back on all the time i put into the moors. I've made many friends and enemies, and those people are the reason i kept coming back for more. While I'm probably not going to get any further than this, my heart is still set on my cappy and I'll still be out there from time to time.

    I have to give a big shout out to the p/p/f members of TMR, while we've never seen eye to eye on many things... i simply cannot ignore the fact that the hardest, bloodiest, most dramatic, keyboard smashing, and face palming moments have been had with those guys.

    And and even bigger THANK YOU to my kinship Arise! I've met so many skilled players through them, who've supported me and been the best friends i could ever ask for!

    It really feels like a great accomplishment to me, and whichever way LOTRO goes for better or worse, i know that i can look back on this moment and smile.

    @Frupy: One day there will be a baboline mini in the moors, and that mini will be me! (okay maybe the second.. can't forget eary :P )

    @agent: It's true that i will be focusing more on my WL for a time, now that the rush is over and i only have to contend with a work schedule.

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    Congrats Alastrine, great captain!

    I know that u dont like me, like 99% of the freeps but i like to recognize people who are solid at their class, more if its this class, that i miss playing
    so much

    Good luck
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    Gratz Alastrine, you do know how to put a fight even when you are alone ..and you are not afraid of dying.
    I always liked grouping with you when I played freep, especialy when you used blade brother on my champ and I was able to bring destruction to creep lines.

    Now its time to join the good side, and kill those evils freeps who want to take control of the ettenmoors.

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    Ha Ha I actually thought my silly hunter had become pro for a few minutes the other week when I was beating those two creeps down and then I realized you were close by and had given me some buff, blade brother I guess. My spider always got nervous when you were around lol. Congrats on rank Alastrine!
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    Big Gratz to you Alas!

    one of the best, no doubt.

    PS: sorry for not being on when it happened, i would have enjoyed to fight you for the rank kb as you told me, sadly i didnt know you were so close.
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