I've got a questions for players that go to the moors and enjoy 1v1. What's the general opinion of someone ganking infamy/renown by jumping into a 1v1 who wasn't originally part of the match?

Meaning a reaver taking turns against different members of a freep group just having fun trying to kill eachother in a 1v1 match. Then out of the blue scoobi attacks the freep either in combat in the 1v1 or attacks one of the crowd that is watching the match and standing still.

This happened many times from scoobi and he tried to play dumb like he didn't know one was going on because it wasn't broadcast in creep OOC. Its pretty easy to tell what it is when you're a known pvmp creep and you walk up on a group of freeps watching a fight between one freep and a creep just off to the left of GV stairs.

Is this common on both sides or is there a few usual suspects that do this for free infamy/renown?

It was just irritating because I thought most people that played in the moors as a practice had more respect for a 1v1 that is obviously happening.

It's one thing to be new and not know what's going on, but it's a whole other story when you are seen around the moors alot and ranked and you still do it.