Is there any way to pick these up without doing 'All' the quests in an area?

For those that don't know the five quests are:

1) The Broadacres Betrayed - lvl 91 found in the Broadacres quest line.
2) All Roads Lead back to Aldburg - lvl 89 found in the Eastfold quest line.
3) The road to Dunharrow - lvl 88 found in the Kingstead quest line.
4) Woodhurst Has Fallen - lvl 93 found in the Stonedeans quest line.
5) To Helm's Deep - lvl 94 found in the Westfold quest line.

Don't get me wrong. Its not that I have not enjoyed the quest line. It is just bringing my 10th toon through here and he is already one bar from 89 and Ally to the Eorlingas and Helmingas thanks to tasks turn ins donated by his older brothers. So I know the story line - I don't need all these quests for rep or in order to level.

Yet as I remember it these quests are all very linear. This seems wrong to me. To have 5 skill points tied to 5 random quests in a way that we have to do all the quests in the new expansion or miss out on these 5 skill points. Maybe the skill points should be tied to an introductory quest in each zone. Or to quests in the epic line, though it seems stages of the epic where tied to having completed quests in the non epic lines.

Anyway. Does anyone know if it is possible to skip some quests and still get these 5 quests tied to skill points?