Hi everyone! We are and old kin (with roots in EverQuest) that has dwindled to a few dedicated players (with multiple accounts). We are always looking for new friends to join us, whether they be newbies, free-to-play, VIPs, or alts from other kinships (Please discuss this with your officers first!). I usually play at around 7-8pm eastern time, but I often come online in the mornings as well. Other members are in different time zones, so there is a good chance someone will be here when you log in.

Contact Dakkalin ,Dakalas,Turmeric, Baddak, Dyna, Krisp, Snookums, Milspec, Fluxx (My charcters)

Or other officers of Legion of Dark Hunters, such as Paatron or Vorty.

Dakkalin Fraybeard, Leader of Legion of Dark Hunters