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The Crows - These gamers are worshipped by all in game. They have their own fan club and groupies. Rightly so, because they are so awesome! At least that is what they would have you believe. Take a peek at their post history and you will find an adundance of crowing such as "Challenge mode is just too easy", "I've done that instance solo in under 5 minutes", "You're all n00bs", "I'm so awesome!".

The Old Crows - These Crows (see above) like to think of themselves as Old Timers (also see above) but in fact they are usually just Crows that have been crowing a little longer than most. It is very rare to find an actual Old Timer that is also a Crow, but they do exist and are typified by comments starting with "Back in the day..." or "When the level cap was till 50...." Comments such as "We did that before the strategy was posted for all to see", "We got the server first for that", "I got that title in the old days back when it was a challenge" and "before any old n00b could complete it".
These are great