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    War Steed Apperence Help

    I need some help.

    Im finally lvl 74, almost lvl 75. So I got my Medium War Steed. Yay. Been wanting a war steed and mounted combat since lvl 10 or so.

    But a few months back when I started to play LOTRO I bought the expansion "Riders of Rohan" which gave me the horse Steed of the Eastemnet.

    Now I love Rohan and horses, in the game Im from Rohan and a Horselord. So I want my War Steed Rohan themed or at least green a lot. So I checked the apperence for War Steeds and saw this.


    Apperently when you buy the expansion your suppose to get a horse, yes. And a war steed set of apperence as well. Thats the same as the regular horse. They look the same but for both horses. Regular and War Steed. And that box "Rohirrim Elite Set" is suppose to be somewhere for me to equip to my War Steed.

    Here is the problem. I have never gotten that Elite Set for War Steeds. Ever, so what happened?

    So can anyone help me out here? Would be much appreciated.
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    Ederon Horselord Of Rohan Level 95



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