Ithil Maethor. Rnk 10, PvE, mixed, kinship is looking to add to its already regular player base. We do varied content nearly nightly. We welcome & support all levels of play and experience as best we can.

Ithil Maethor - "Warrior of the Rising Moon"

Website: Http://

RaidCall Server for Improved Voice Talk, Room number provided upon entrance into kin.

A small tight knit mixed kinship composed of soloists, completionists, & instance warriors.

Our player base is generally mature (>21 years of age),

We are composed of independent players that help each other out when needed but do not do other member's character "work" for them. Everyone is expected to pull their own weight but helping hands are provided when available. We seek members of the similar mindset.

We run old content and new content alike. The majority of the membership is level 65 or higher and tends to focus on big battles, 3 mans and 6 mans (Tier I & II), 12 man Skirm Raids and we will do full 12-mans instances when our numbers allow.

Our main play time is 7-11pm CST (USA) We have a solid core of players with many casual players so our total population fluctuates nightly but we have a solid core of "regulars"

Below cap players will get all the advice they seek, help with gear and instances when and if available. That said, applicants should not expect level cap players to drop what they are doing to come help you power-level. It is not fair to them.

All levels, classes, and experience welcomed. Send in-game tell or email to Khalishi with questions or for invites.