Hey, I'm a lvl 16 hunter. Lately I've been having some difficulties with my player morale. I went to the lone lands with my friend and both of our morale was around 900. as we kept going into trollshaws our morale increased. his was 1000 and mine was something like 950. As we started to leave back to bree his morale decreased a tiny bit and mine dropped down to 650?????? He said he put on some good armour but i tried that and it didn't work. I'm really not sure why my morale in now 650 and before after we went to rivendell it was 950?? Please Help? Also my friends is the same level and is a hunter as well.

Also are there any potions that permanently increase the morale (Potions)??? that you can buy thats not expensive, like when the morale increases when you level up??