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    Question Burglar Task - "Resistance Is Futile" - HELP!

    One of the tasks for a Burglar is "Resistance is Futile."

    You have to have bad guys resist your Riddle or "trick-removal" skills.

    The problem is that since the rework of the game, Riddle is about all a Burglar has left (unless you take a different skill path).

    Sadly, I can't seem to find bad guys who can resist my Riddle (or ones where I get credit for it happening).

    The Wikis have nothing on this to shed light, and I'm at 74/75...so frustrating.

    Anyone understand how this works or what I'm not doing right?

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    Maybe finding infrared or ultraviolet mobs see if they resist.
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    This recent thread in the Burglar forum discussed the topic: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...ted-terms-deed

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    Hey there,

    what I did to finish the deed was something someone described in a similar thread in the burgs' forums so credits go to the guy that helped there even tho I don't remember him .Open Stoneheight 4-5 lvls above you, take out all your finesse gear, have Riddle at 30secs cd so you can riddle more often and start using it in the
    first mobs near the entrance.It went very slowly but in the end I got it.Hope that helped you.


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    What level are you? I just started this deed (not sure why, since I've been using Riddle forever) and within just a few quests already had 6/75 complete. I was working near the end of Vol I (book 14) quests last night, and I was getting resistance in the Chapter 1 (The Heraldry of Lindon) and Chapter 12 (Skin of Bregmor) instances for sure. At the time they were on-level quests (level 50) for me. So I was getting resistance from wights in Ch. 1 and peikko in Ch. 12 at the very least.

    Where you're fighting may also have something to do with it. I seem to encounter it resistance to Riddle in instances rather than landscape. The deed itself was initially bestowed during The Heraldry of Lindon instance.

    I'll probably be playing that character again tonight. If so, I'll see if I can pinpoint when Riddle is being resisted and the mob type responsible.

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    I'll give that a try.

    I figured if I kept fighting stuff that I wasn't outleveling (Helm's Deep area), I'd eventually get it, but I didn't account for my gear or trait points.

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    Thanks. That worked.

    Strip naked and run around Helm's Deep fighting monsters.

    Got my last kill in about 10 minutes.



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