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    Exclamation Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind !! RECRUITING!!

    Do you remember Morrowind, all those years ago? Do you remember Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC, where you went to Solstheim, a glimpse of the new Dunmeri culture? Did you ever wonder what happened to Vvardenfell, and what happened to the 'Great' Houses? Did you ever want to visit Blacklight, Morrowind's new capital, now governed by House Redoran? See the ash-plagued land, on more than just a mere island? Did you even want to see what the Morag Tong are up to? But one more question: Have you ever wondered how the Dragonborn would forge his path through Morrowind differently than the Nerevarine? Well, with Beyond Skyrim: Return to Morrowind, those wishes shall be fulfilled.

    To make those wishes come true, we need a team of people with many different skills to build us up along the way. We need people who will model tile sets for us, create creatures, armor, objects, and more. We need people to create the textures needed to create and entire landscape, or to make the armors of Morrowind, or to make that one creature's skin look just right. We will need people to write miscellaneous quests and NPCs and to script them as well. We will need level designers and region generators. We will need people who can help us conceptualize and build the lore of our project. We will need a team capable of recreating an entire province, now destroyed by volcanic eruptions, war, revolts, and more. You can be a part of making that dream come true. You can be a part of something great, something that will go down in history as a landmark in the modding community.

    YOU can be a part of Beyond Skyrim. YOUR NAME can go down in our credits. YOU can build Morrowind from the ground up. YOU can be a part of this all.

    If you want to join us, you can become a contributor to our lore and our discussions on our forums at Dark Creations, here: http://www.darkcreat...n-to-morrowind/

    If you want to be an active member of our team, simply create something we need. You can find things to claim and create for us at our Bounty Board, here: http://www.darkcreations.org/forums/...-bounty-board/

    Once you create something we can use, you will be added to our team and get access to our team-only forums.

    If you are interested but unsure of something stated here, you can contact Luffi45, our Public Relations director, Transbot9, our Project Lead, or Svadas, our Writing Lead on the Dark Creations forums and they will gladly answer any questions you have.

    You can change the world of modding. You can make the dreams of so many people come true. You can join Beyond Skyrim: Return to Morrowind now.
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