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    Any dedicated roleplaying homesteads?

    Pardon my accent, I come from Laurelin and me and several friends are currently setting up presences on Landroval that we may attend musical events and possibly also perform there. We are looking to acquire some houses.

    Now, on Laurelin there are some homesteads which are active and lively, roleplaing-wise. Are there any such on Landroval, too? In particular, Elven and/or Hobbit ones?

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    The concert scene is definitely very active. RP there varies from 4th wall breaking (mentions of online links without parenthesis, for instance) to light to medium. While I am mainly a heavy RPer I have had some very enjoyable IC conversations at some concerts. It really varies from band to band/event to event. I am more than sure that the music community will welcome you all here.

    As for hobbit or elvish homestead RPs, nothing public to my knowledge, sadly. There have been a couple movements in the past for getting hubs/homesteads set up for the two, especially Elves, but the dedication and work it would take to put into it to make it consistent plus drawing enough of a crowd who view lore of the Elves in the same way is a daunting task that no one has quite successfully set up. A non-kin hub, that is. There are a couple Elvish kinships, though I have seen both in Bree-land fairly often so I am not sure if that is what you are looking for.

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    Maybe a new homestead?

    Hello from a Laurelin Oldfurlonger!

    I play on both servers, and have a home in Oldfurlong on Landroval as well, but haven't found it to be as active of a homestead. Have you thought about picking a new homestead and encouraging other visiting concert-goers and bands to set up homes there, too? I would be interested in trying something new...

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    Thanks to you both for offering comment.

    As Aly suggested, I've picked a near-empty homestead - it's a good idea to have a place for visitors, especially if there were several bands there. I'll try and spread the word soon as my fellow band-members have grabbed any homes they might want.



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