Hello there!

I like to kill things on my horsie and I'm sure that a goodly amount of people like to do this too, so I thought of an idea of forming a warband of our own that would go around Rohan killing warbands. It would be mostly for the lulz and fellowship, as most people can solo most of the warbands in Rohan. I was thinking a range of around 85-95, but we could add lower level players depending on who has interest. My main is a 95 Champion. If anyone is interested in this, just respond here. I was thinking we could try on Sunday or next weekend, and if enough people show interest, we could make it a semi-regular thing.

This event was meant for players of all levels of expertise. If you think you stink at mounted combat, don't let that get in the way. It's purely for fun (and maybe someone will get something nice other than banners).