Hey guys! Philiusa here the leader of the Kinship Army of the Free Peoples and we are recruiting! The kinship is a large,active, friendly kinship that just wants to enjoy the game, have fun, have a few laughs and hanging out, and pretty much a whole lot more! We do...well... pretty much everything wanna be specific about it, like raids,skirms, instances,leveling,hunting,dee ding,questing, and whole lot more. We literally will accept everyone no is left out of our kin, we don't care about level or how good or bad a player you are, or how old you are, like I said EVERYONE IS WELCOMED! We have a kinship House up in Thorin Hall homesteads so if you need space to put stuff or need equipment to help ya stop by the kin house and grab what you need (please take like 4 items lets not be greedy) and good luck out there and hope the item you took helps ya! SO any who.....if your on Gladden, or a person transfering to Gladden, or have any friends that are joining the game and are going on Gladden looking for a kinship put my name Philiusa or Philus (my champ alt) on friend list and pst me when Im on, will be happy to have ya aboard . SEE YA AROUND!!!