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    I need math help, bleed dmg +% question

    I was playing with my stats last night and selected +20% Light Damage from both Blue & Red lines. To be honest I kind of assumed one of them would work and the other would not. I was surprised to see that they did work but the exact number did not work out right and I am wondering if someone can tell me why.

    I forget the gambit I used for testing (Desolation, maybe??) anyway the base (not DoT) damage with neither of the +% light damage having points was 2119. Add +20% Light Damage from Blue line and +20% light damage from red line and the gambit's base damage goes up to 2911. If i am doing my math correctly (and trust me, I may not be!) that works out to an increase of about 37.375%

    I was using the same legendary weapon for the test (95 SA), it did not have the light dmg LI on it - although I did not check if I had some other LI which might affect it, will have to do that.

    Please understand, I am not complaining. I am just curious if I am missing something in my math or if someone has an explanation why it is ~37.375%

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    You are correct with the 37% bit. I think you have some sort of + Bleed damage in the range of about 5% somewhere.

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    If you assume that it is 20% each, then that means your base damage is 1980. 2119/1980 = 1.07, implying a 7% gain already there.
    Are you wearing a 7% light damage carving, by chance?

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    I think it happens because that 20% applies to your skill base dmg (not counting the other trait increase/item final amount). So for example:
    Desolation hits for 3000 base dmg (just to make numbers easier).
    1st trait: 20% more on that base dmg, which means 3600 dmg.
    2nd Trait: 20% more from base dmg, which means another 600 increase.
    TOTALS: 4200. which is exactly a 40% increase. BUT:
    With item increase:
    3000 + 0.07 * 3000 = 3210
    So if you add that 40% it happens on your base dmg: 3210 + 0.4 * 3000 = 4410
    TOTAL increase: 4410/3210 1.37..., so a 37...% increase on dmg after carving increase. That might explain numbers you got, same could happen if you use legacy for + 5% light dmg.

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    You're right, I had the +7% light damage relic, thought I had switch to my weapon that didn't have that.




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