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Thread: Deft strikes

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    Deft strikes

    This is the trait in QK that increases crit chance for stealth enhanced skills, if I remember correctly. I saw a few lvl 95 QK burg trait trees and none of them had any points into deft strikes. I thought it was a good trait so i put 5 points into it but now that I've seen other burgs set ups i'm not so sure...anyway I'm just wondering if it is worth spending points on baring in mind i'm only lvl 40 right now with 20 trait points. If you can I'd love to see screenshots of PvE QK builds.

    Thanks in advance

    EDIT: I gave the wrong name for the trait...its called strike from shadows
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    As it only affects skills which are enhanced by stealth - and even then its only extra crit CHANCE - at best it's a chance for higher burst damage.

    I suspect the builds you've seen will likely be focused around improving sustained damage, so probably heavily in QK with a nice side of Gambler traits. These builds would result in higher overall DPS.

    To answer you question of is it worth it?
    Since points are limited, you're never going to be able to produce an "optimal" build while leveling. If you like sneaking up on your target and unleashing a powerful opening strike, sure it might be worth it depending on what the alternative trait possibilities are.
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    My burg is only lvl 38, but I assume the reason why people don't slot it is that Improved Stealth (last set bonus on the red line) guarantees that you will land a crit from stealth with SS or CA.

    From reading the description, it would seem that the trait increases the crit chance of those skills even when out of stealth, so maybe someone would use it for this. However, considering how high a burg's crit chance at cap already is, and the possibility of using the Aim skill, it is likely there are better things to spend those points on.

    Edit: at lower levels, where the chance of getting a crit from stealth is relevant, this trait might be a viable choice. I don't use it though.

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    Not worth traiting.

    Use spare points on either blue line or yellow, as you prefer.

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    Thanks for the replies! I won't bother spending points on it then, lots of other good traits anyway



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