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    Old Player Returning

    Hello All,

    Old player returning to Middle Earth here.

    The last time I played with any seriousness was when Moria was just released, so it's been awhile.

    I've always played on this server in the past. Very Casual player, with a little RP mixed in from time to time.

    Starting fresh with all new toons, and I was wondering, Do people still run the old instances like Great Barrow and Garth Agarwen? I remember trying about a year ago to get back into the game, but had difficulties getting any groups around to run the old dungeons. Even with the new Group Finder.

    Would love to run these again and Didn't know if this was the server to play on if that is what my primary focus was going to be.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm in the same boat as Stratman -- I'm an old timer that played in the alpha and beta, but stopped playing around MoM. This weekend the itch to go back to LotRO just got too strong for me to ignore...so I'm back!

    This time I've rolled up a captain (a class I haven't played since beta!) and come to Landroval looking for other players or a kinship that is still active(ish)ly doing early and mid level content like Great Barrow, GA, etc.

    I typically play in the later evenings, West Coast time (8:00 PM onward), so if anybody else is in the same situation I am and needs a captain to group with, look me up! My captain's name on Landroval is Cynemar, and (for now) you can find me running around Bree/Staddle, getting a few more levels before I hit the Barrow Downs.

    It feels good to be back, I hope the server population in 2014 is still high enough to support finding groups for new characters! *fingers crossed*


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    Welcome back to you both. Landy still has a strong player base, and I am sure you can find a kinship or groups who are running older content. After all, most of us suffer from Alt-fever. I suggest you check out the many kinships who post here on the forums and find one that is a good fit for you.
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    Thanks for the response. I'm definitely scoping out the forum and the various kinships that are posting here, so hopefully there will be a good match!



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