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Thread: Very strong?

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    Very strong?

    Ok I have a captain I raised the old way, through 70 or so levels. Even as my 4th alt she was used in the hey-day of Moria when cap was 60, has only been raised since to 66-ish.

    So with the trees, I decided to re-learn and so I rolled a new cappy. I also decided to max out areas as much as possible before leveling her, so she is only now at level 13:
    Keep in mind also she has crit-crafted gear for the most part, uses scrolls and vitality food (+9 only though). She is traited in the blue line but not that many trait points. Main reason to keep a lid on the level is to not out grow some of the tasks but also to get at the content on-level.

    1. Shire, done (every deed possible)
    2. Erud Luin, done (everything outside of Sarnur that is).
    3. Bree, everything outside of (the inside) of the Barrows and nothing yet the Great Forest.

    First tough thing I tried was to get the Orc slayer deeds done. Orcs are typically in the 17-18 range? My captain was 12 at the time.

    Was not tough, even getting 3 orcs at once. Mind you I could not fall asleep and pet did get mangled a few times if I let it slip. No problem, re-summon in combat! OK so far so good, raise the bar to 13...

    Head into the Barrow Downs. At least I can get the explorer deeds done, yup no problem. Needed some Medium hides so I test myself on some RED (18/19) bargahsts...not too bad. Even two at a time with a rat? Holy cow, shouldn't I be running to stay alive? Same as the multi orcs although I did try to keep them to singles, but I found myself pulling ones nearby while finishing a mob. Ok lets try the wights (same levels 18, 19)...um, same, even a level 20 went down.

    Needless to say I now have the bargahst and wight deeds in the book. At level 13, I can handle multiple 18s and 19s (if careful). I may just venture into the Great Forest next. Pretty sure I should be at least 15 to go inside the barrows and remain sane though.

    Are captains too strong now?
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    Two different questions. Very strong? I'd say yes. Besides my main, I've been leveling a new cap on a different server the past couple weeks. Up to 57, and ... yeah. Strong. I've completed all epic books through and including 2.4, and pretty much universally, it's all been less of a challenge than usual with other classes (I have a 95 of each class).

    BUT... everyone's strong now. Apart from my RK (and I've always kind of sucked at soloing on my RK), content has seemed pretty trivial across the board. So... yeah, are Caps very strong? I'll say yes. "Too" strong? Well... a rising tide lifts all boats, as they say, and it seems Caps a bit more, but if you see it as an issue, it's more on the line of a general gameplay issue than a class one.

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    Unfortunately the game provides nearly no challenge at all while levelling, and yes it is all classes experiencing this.

    I have a captain at level 30ish in Evendim and I one or two shot everything. Boring. Oranges or reds are 3-4 shots. I for one miss the days where I had to be even a little bit careful.

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    Doing the same thing, started a captain from scratch. It is level 23, blue line. (Will likely use this eventually in a duo with a hunter or other lighter armor DPS-ish class). I have most of the first two traits filled and the mark skill that returns morale. I have completed ALL of Bree/Erud Luin/Shire deeds except Sarnur (yes even all the Barrow deeds are complete.) Kindred to Men of Bree but not so much on the others. Currently working on Eglain rep. Have worked a bit of North Downs and Lone Lands. Only level 23 due to my stone of the Tortoise.

    I have done the solo version of reclaiming Weathertop at least 10 times on different classes. This time I signed up for the fellowship version, running it solo. It was a blast. I dinged 23 in the middle of it. I would say moderate challenge, but very hairy at the end. I had to kite the troll a bit and re-summon the pet at least once. The signature mobs in the middle have A LOT of help, way more than the solo version.

    Not sure I would try this on a squishy class, but I would love to hear if anyone else tried this. I might try a repeat (at the rated level) on the finale of Book 2 (Radagast swamp instance).
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    In standard 1 vs 1 against common mobs, I never saw much threat of being defeated even when fighting red mobs. The problem then and still the problem now is they deflect 80% of attacks and while you will win in the end, doing deeds in red zone is going to be a fail grind of monumental proportions.

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    Don't mean to sound rude, but aren't the numbers put on display here widely exaggerated? I started a new Captain upon my return to LotRO and am pulling nowhere near these numbers. I have friendly kinnies helping me out gear-wise and being a Scholar I have top-tier weaponry as well as the scrolls I have up 100% of the time and I can't for the love of me 1- or 2-shot anything on-lvl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rorgg View Post
    So... yeah, are Caps very strong? I'll say yes. "Too" strong? Well... a rising tide lifts all boats, as they say, and it seems Caps a bit more, but if you see it as an issue, it's more on the line of a general gameplay issue than a class one.
    I think this sums it up nicely.

    A captain has always been my main, and even in the original SoA during day one they've always been pretty solable even when the rest of the game wasn't so much. Now, when the whole game is solable and pretty much everything on the landscape is a cake-walk, they seem nearly invincible. It's not so much a problem with this class, but every class; i.e., general game mechanics.

    Hopefully with U13 it will level out a bit. Having been through the first two iterations on BR it does seem to be a step in the right direction. More can certainly be done, but I'll be happy with baby-steps if they're done right instead of one massive change that takes two years to iron out.

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    I generally agree that it isn't classspecific but there are still some issues like Exemplar heals and -cooldown to SotD in the Leader of Men line.
    If they add a cooldown to those two procs (even if it is only 1 second), we will see Captains become a lot less "invincible" against many targets (e.g. SH or soloing a creep raid in moors), yet without ruining the Captank against big bosses.



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