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    [Evernight] The Guardians of Middle Earth

    We're a kinship on the Evernight server since the start of Lotro, dancing our way through Turbine's Middle Earth. We still have some old time players that have stayed with the game but we also have newer members that have started the game in the past few months.

    Doing the odd kin-event like horse-races or secret-santa gives us that real family feeling, we're all about having some casual fun to get those daily real life troubles out of the system. Raiding is not our focus as we usually have issues getting enough people online at the same time as our memberbase is scattered all over the world, mostly Europe and UK but we also have a few Americans, a fellow from near Honkong and some from South Africa. One surely can imagine the time differences

    Join the Guardians of Middle Earth (The Gnomes in short) and find out we are not hardcore raiders, we are not ‘Ettenmoors only’, we are not casual players…we are all these things and everything in between. We are a family of people who enjoy playing the game, running instances and raids when possible, taking down a war band, fighting creeps or helping our family members get through Old Forest and Angmar without dying a million horrible deaths. We have a few kamikaze-like players that make every instance pull interesting and often end up in some good old crying of laughter over Teamspeak.

    When we are not raiding, or helping lower level players, we sit around making fun of each other so we are looking for mature people over 18 years who enjoy a good laugh, often at their expense. If you think you're too old, we think you might be mistaken, our ages vary from 20 up to 60+ and we all treat each other as if we're equal. Taking time to explain how certain instances go and taking that extra coffee break 'cause the kids are misbehaving.. it's all part of being a Gnome!

    As we understand Lotro isn't the only game people play we've been part of XSGamers for about 4 years now to give us a place to get together in other games as well. Planetside 2, DayZ, Star Citizen, Eliteangerous, Wildstar, Minecraft.. it's a few games we've got members playing next to Lotro.

    So, have you got what it takes to be a Gnome? If so, feel free to get in touch with a Gnome, who will point you in the general direction of an officer, or sign up on our website http://www.xsgamers.com/ and mention you play LOTRO.

    As mentioned in the start of this long rambling recruitment post we're based on the EU server Evernight and have the most players online in Western EU evening time.

    Here's a list of our officers and a few of their characters you might find online to contact about recruitment:
    - Thranthir or on alts: Thairn / Ceolithryn / Bawlling / Bavod
    - Poppett or on alts: Lilbit / Dingleberry / Tenderheart
    - Arnenna or on alts: Arnethiel / Julinor
    - Irethedel or on alts: Irethwen / Beraireth
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    Leader of "The Gnomes" of Evernight.
    It's all about laughs and social gaming! Come join us at www.thegnomes.eu!
    Recruitment is active



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