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More balanced than ever for sure, but a skilled froup will obliterate any same sized croup.
While I respect your statement, I have to disagree. And I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But in my experience, skill-balanced creeps will always destroy equal skill balanced freeps. I can't believe that this is always a coincidence. Over the years, it has held true. You see, great creeps 99% of the time have mastered their freeps, and moved on to a bigger challenge. Be it they know what they are fighting, or they rise above the own limitations of an inherently weaker side of the moors, creeps will always win the day. Call it teamwork, call it perseverance, call it what ever you want. I challenge any one to find an equal skilled froup to fight, and tell me who wins. I may be wrong, but I am confident that skill is skill is skill. And well played creeps destroy as well played freeps. Sans expolits, of course.