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    Warden Main Stats and Stat Priority

    Hello fellow wardens.

    Has the tittle from the post suggest i would like to hear your opinion on the best stats and stat priority on the warden. I have been digging around and i have not found much about stats since HD. Correct me if i am wrong but my understanding is that agility and vitality is currently our main stat. Should i go for might also or focus on the previous mentioned stats ?. I am running a tank warden by the way.

    Thks a lot for your advice.

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    You shouldn't need to bother with Might at all. Block rating can be capped with available gear and using gambits (Shield Mastery, HoTs). Since HD's release, I don't see where stat priority has changed. I've always put attention to Vitality, Agility, and the other tanking stats (Block, Parry, Critical Defence, Resistance, Incoming Healing). I also mix in "dps gear" to get a fair amount of Critical Rating and Finesse as "tanking gear" pretty much lacks both. I don't mention Evade or Mitigations as those can be capped from the contributions from Vitality and Agility. With gambits, BPE can be capped and critical defence can still reach high enough levels (65-70%+). So focus on every tanking stat.
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