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    Post Roleplaying Opportunities.

    Hello to all viewers. I've returned after about eight months away and am now in a totally different time-zone than perhaps ninety-percent of the players on Landroval. So, majority of my interactions will fall primarily on weekends. All the same, I am putting out suggestions.

    One of my characters whom I play more oft then others is Lancastor, known as 'Lan', who's a merchant in Bree. I've been playing at that kind of role for a little time now and it's a kind of role that not many players get into so I have had some interesting experiences and good feedback. I would fully suggest any who are looking for something new, to try dabbing into it. It's a whole new kind of fun and challenges.
    Primarily I have seen this sort of stuff by Kinships whom are a Trading Company or a House that specializes/Acquires partial/whole income from Trade as part of its story background. Below is info for any who are interested in this kind of role or are at least curious.

    -Being a Trader; Merchant; Salesman/Saleswoman has plenty of room for random RP and pre-set. A good example is a Regional or OOC post that displays your character in a specific part of your location, selling stuff(Specifying WHAT you are selling helps...), and a brief descrip to avoid spam-walling offers RP chances for those who are curious or searching for RP. You may even be a seller of what that character needs IC'ly at that time. A visual example is below.

    [OOC] Lancastor: In the market where Boar Fountain stands there’s a mysterious man in burgundy manning a stall. It’s assorted with crates filled of herbs and spices, pouches filled of colorful vials, small wooden circular containers, and small bottles of herbal tea. In the back is a rack of weapons and shields (Lv 1-16 for cosmetic looks)[Random RP].

    Keep in mind that you can sell just about anything. Don't limit yourself. You don't/won't need to sell weapons and armor. You can be a everyday 'General Store' sort of guy. Below are examples and ideas.

    *Horseshoes - *Kitchenware - *Furs/Hides/Pelts - *Wool - *Fruits/Veggies/Meats - *Small furniture(Stools/Chairs/Desks/etc) - *Utility Items(Buckets!, etc)
    *Flora/Herbs/Spices(Still unplucked in pots/Dried/Freshly picked/etc) - *Weapons - *Armor - *Accessories(Rings/Necklaces/Bracelets/Earings/etc) - *Clothes - *"Military Goods"(Quivers, Scabbards, Arrows, other Misc items) - *Poison(Warning, in Bree-lands it's Illegal and Arion'll chase you with his man-eating horse[It doesn't really eat people. I think. Hope.]) - *Almost Anything.

    Don't think that you have to be a specific char-archetype either. Lan for example is an aggressive shady individual who is difficult to deal with. He's termed a "Kind-###", because despite his constant rude and irritating behavior, he is soft and kind to youngins' and gives food, clothes, and other things to the homeless and hungry, even helping other merchants and Houses, Trade-Co's, etc, who are his competitors, when they actually need it.
    Don't conform to any general idea of "What a merchant is like." - Be nice, mean, rude, passive, defensive, secretive, whatever you want the character to be.

    Don't worry about pricing goods. Alot of times it's extremely difficult to come up with any general notion of how much something is worth in individual units, let alone in bulk or different measurements. Most interactions will use a undefined price based upon the use of wording to describe its possible expense. An example would be 'It's rather costly.' Or 'Regardless of it's price, I do want it.', and so forth. 'I'll take... [Items].' And then 'Very well.' - And /e waits for exchange of coin - /e waits for payment. - /pays the merchant. - Or something along those lines. I can give you a personal little list below that I formed after a little time comparing Dark Age and Medieval Age prices of goods after making a comparison to the rate of currency of Shilling, Pennies, Pounds, and the Copper/Silver/Gold currency. It's not very pretty but I tried. An idea if you care at all for it.

    1 Pence = 72 coppers 16 ounces = one pound
    1 Shilling = 12 pence ( 8 silvers 64 coppers) 8 ounces = a cup
    1 Pound = 20 pence ( 17 gold 2 silvers 80 coppers)

    (These prices following are lower then the estimates I could gather from a few hours of researching Medieval price ranges. It is using the prices of 1200-1400 Europe as basis, and then converted to the Lotro currency rate by estimates, and then appropriated either higher or lower to what few prices were offered in the books. This is a loose comparison made as close as I could make it to realistically reflect the time period and the conflicting sources. I welcome any and all uses of these prices.)

    Bow: 2-5 silvers
    Quiver of arrows(15 arrows): 70 coppers
    ‘Heavy Armor’(Half-plate and Mail): 50 silvers(Entire set)
    ‘Medium Armor’(Leather): 20 silvers(Entire set)
    Spear: 2 silver – 4 silvers
    Sword: 2-5 Silvers
    Great(Anything): 5-8 silvers
    Axe: 2-4 silvers
    Mace: 2-5 silvers
    Shield: 2-5 silvers
    Bottle of Tea: 3 coppers
    Mug of Ale: 1 copper
    Pint of [Ale]: 2 coppers
    Mug of Mead: 4 coppers
    Pint of Mead: 5 coppers
    Fox Pelt: 16-20 coppers.
    Hare Pelt: 10-16 coppers.
    Elk Pelt: 18-21 coppers.
    Bear Pelt: 47-65 coppers.
    Boar Pelt: 17-26 coppers.
    Badger Pelt: 13-17 coppers.
    Wolf Pelt: 20-22 coppers.
    Spade: 40-60 coppers
    Shovel: 50-70 coppers
    Cow: 3 silver – 5 silver
    Sheep: 50 coppers – 1 silver
    Pig: 2 silvers – 3 silvers
    Chicken: 40 coppers – 80 coppers
    Barrel: 2 silvers – 5 silvers
    Iron Ingot: 80 coppers – 1 silver
    Steel Ingot: 95 coppers – 1 silver 20 coppers
    Iron Nails(Dozen): 14-17 coppers
    Steel Nails(Dozen): 17-20 coppers
    Pepper Spice: 14 silvers 56 coppers per pound(16 ounces) / 7 silvers 28 coppers per cup(8 ounces)
    Book: 1 gold – 3 gold
    Shoes: 2 silvers – 4 silvers
    Boots: 4 silvers – 7 silvers
    Hat: 5 silvers – 7 silvers
    Fancy Hat: 6 silvers – 10 silvers
    Simple linen cloth/wool cloth short: 60 coppers – 1 silver 10 coppers
    Silk clothes: 20 silvers – 40 silvers
    Silk cloth: 4 silvers – 10 silvers per 7 yards of silk cloth
    Wagon: 15 silvers – 34 silvers
    Young horse: 8 silvers – 14 silvers
    Old horse: 6 silvers – 10 silvers
    Candles: 2 silvers – 5 silvers per pound(5 Candles) / 1 silvers – 3 silvers (Per ½ pound[3 candles])
    Bucket: 60 coppers – 2 silvers
    Large table: 2 silvers 40 coppers – 4 silvers
    Small table: 1 silver 20 coppers – 3 silvers
    Chair: 80 coppers – 1 silver 20 coppers
    Mercenaries: 2 silvers – 7 silvers (Per week)
    Bushel of Wheat: 3 silvers – 5 silvers
    Bushel of Corn: 2 silvers – 6 silvers
    Bushel of Oats: 1 silver 40 coppers – 3 silvers
    Eggs: 14 coppers – 26 coppers per dozen.
    Nuts(Any): 60 coppers – 1 silvers per pound
    Honey: 30 coppers – 40 coppers (Per 8oz) / 50 – 80 coppers (Per pint)
    Milk: 40 coppers– 70 coppers (Per Gallon)
    Butter: 40 coppers – 1 silver per pint(16 ounces)
    Salt: 1 silver – 1 silver 50 coppers (Per pound(16 ounces))
    Apples: 1 coppers – 2 coppers per
    Rabbit(Alive or ready to cook/freshly skinned): 1 silver 30 coppers – 2 silvers 10 coppers
    Fish: 2 coppers – 5 coppers per
    Cheap quality wine: 4 silver – 10 silver per gallon
    Expensive quality wine: 10 silvers – 30 silvers per gallon
    Glass of cheap quality wine: 60 silvers – 1 silver 20 coppers
    Glass of expensive quality wine: 2 silvers – 3 silvers
    Small Sack of coal(Approx 28 pieces): 60 coppers – 90 coppers
    Ginger: 6 silvers – 9 silvers per pound(16 ounces) / 3 silvers – 5 silvers per cup(8 ounces)
    Cinnamon: 15 silvers per pound(16 Ounces) / 6 silvers – 9 silvers per cup (8 ounces)
    Sugar: 10 silvers – 11 silvers 56 coppers Per pound(16 ounces) / 4 silvers – 6 silvers per cup (8 ounces)
    Mining Cart full of Coal: 15 silvers – 17 silvers 60 coppers
    Coffee: 20 silvers – 40 silvers per pound(16 Oz)

    Mind that if you look at the very little info that was provided in the Books, there isn't really much to go off of. Educated estimations based off of different currencies and their rates. Lotro Coin Rate for example. (100 Coppers = 1 Silver / 1000 Silvers = 1 Gold)(Conversion of Shillings to Pence to Pounds,)(Limited info from books on the Cost of a few select items inflated[Example being Bill the Pony baught from Bill Ferny at an outrageous price])

    Also, for any who do find interest in this kind of role, bare in mind that you also have reason to be found nearly anywhere. Specificly Bree-Town due to the Great Roads for example(And... It's almost the only place RP is centralized Q_Q). Whether or not you decide to do that kind of thinking is up to the individual. Personally, Lan, is always found in Bree-lands. He's secretly afraid to leave and see/explore the unknown lands.(He'll never admit it)

    -Guild: a. An association of persons of the same trade or pursuits, formed to protect mutual interests and maintain standards.
    b. A similar association, as of merchants or artisans, in medieval times.

    ^Above I posted the definition of guild. In this, I believe that Bree-town would have an unofficial guild(More like a lodge or "Club", similar to the Hunters Lodge for example). Merchants would interact, trade with one another via barter or buying/selling, and as such come to talk about stuff together and make deals, and all that good stuff. So, I personally role-play with the idea that there is a 'Guild' of sorts. This is also an idea for any who are interested or have survived this text so far whom are already in this profession.

    -Be a successful merchant, and up-and-coming one, a down-on-his-luck trader, or however you'd like. Own a shop. Just be losing your store. Have a business of sorts. Interact with other players to IC'ly put together, through RP, a start to a business partnership. Examples are below from my personal experiences.

    *A female character named Mellanoor Rubie was trying to buy back her farm from the NPC Bree-Town after it was seized due to debts. Lan made a deal with her. For supplying a majority of the coin he would have partial ownership. [This caused Lan to be broke for several in real life months.(I play with an idea of side and effect.)

    *A male character named Haddik was an owner of a small caravan. Lan wanted to sell goods abroad where they'd be bought at much higher prices. With a deal of 40% of profits to Haddik and 60% to Lan, they agreed to have some of Lans wares sold by Haddik. Lost/stolen goods would be paid for by Haddik to Lan by pre-arranged rates.

    *A male character [Forgot name] who sells weapons on behalf of his family struck a deal with Lan. Lan is supplied weapons at a low price to sell at a higher amount. Lan in turn supplied these said weapons to Haddik to sell, as of which resulted in higher profits with almost no real effort on Lans behalf.

    *After helping the Thistle Family(Kin of family members and workers/employees/etc{Dunno if they around anymore though} with wolves and illnesses, he became a buyer of herbs and wood from them. A large lumbering camp, they supplied Lan with discounted materials which were resold or refined and then sold. Business deals for extra percentage profits on the side were agreed when Lan brought buyers of large purchases. Continuous income at fixed percentage rates for continuous customers were also arranged and agreed upon.

    *Lan put together a small group and invested his remaining savings and time into a fur-trapping lodge in Northern Chetwood. This costs him to maintain wages(For NPCs and any Players I manage to hire into specific roles[Yes, you can be an employer too!]), but allows income in a specific field of business.

    There's this and more to be had. I hope this has been helpful and informative. Enjoy your day/night/play-time. Hope to see you in-game sometime. If you have any questions or what-have-you, please mail me in-game to my character Lancastor. Or IM me. Or both.
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