Greetings, investigators!

The solve-a-mystery roleplay event is this Saturday at 4:00pm EDT/servertime on Landroval. Meet at Windy Acres — 9 Chestnut Street, Raglan, Bree-land homesteads. Here are some tips that can help you win the grand prize of 1,500 Turbine Points!

Each of the five suspects in the mystery will be located inside their home. The homes are located in the northwest area of the neighborhood, not far from the kinhouse. Items in each yard will help you identify who is inside.

* 3 Fountain Street is the home of Veriek the banker. It is located just east of the mansion, at the end of a narrow path. There is a boar fountain in this yard.

* 3 Garden Street is the rental property of Nimyl the party crasher. It is just south of the banker’s house. There is a hammock between two trees out front, along with a wooden beaver carving.

* 4 Garden Street is the rental house of Yahr the merchant. It is located at the edge of the pond. There is a dwarf property guard and a cave claw out front.

* 7 Chestnut Street is the home of Prudy the farmer. It is located down the hill at the water’s edge. You will find a vegetable garden and produce stand in this yard.

* 8 Chestnut Street is the home of Lhutha, Mr. Toper’s younger sister. It is located next door to the mansion. You will see a Luthien statue in her yard.

* 9 Chestnut Street is the mansion owned by Mr. Marlow Toper. It is the scene of the crime. It is the largest building, with a Lórien lamp and swan fountain out front. Once the mystery is solved, the Ice Wine festival will take place here.

If you get lost, you can ask Lindorieh and Bittercress the Road Wardens for directions.

Here is a map showing the location of the suspect’s homes.

Here are some tips from Chief Investigator Eliwren.
Don’t spend too much time with one suspect. Make sure that you have time to interview all five of them. Listen to what other investigators ask and pay attention to the answers. If there are too many investigators at one house, move on to the next and return later. Keep notes of any clues you find. Ask specific questions if you want useful answers. You must determine who commit the crime and why they did it. Report your findings to Kiralynn before time runs out. You will have one hour to complete your investigation.