I have an issue, and it only occurs in Rohan (possibly only in Western Rohan, haven't had it happen in Eastern).

Normally, when a horse rides through water shallow enough, you are not dismounted. But now if I lag hitches my character even a *tiny* amount, I'm dismounted while crossing water at any depth. An ankle-deep puddle will dismount me at the slightest touch of lag.

This is not recently true of any other zones that I have seen--I have lagged a little while crossing other bodies of shallow water without being dismounted.

Anyone else having this issue? Maybe it has something to do with how the landscape is layered? I remember in the past that there were spots on the landscape, even looking like dry land, which fell below the water line and because of that dismounted you. I remember one particular annoying one on the one horse-quest route from Hengstacer to Othrikar that dismounted you and failed the quest, and another one in Staddle right on the path where you had to deliver a bucket of water, causing you to drop the bucket.

The difference here is that *any* sliver of water in Western Rohan at any elevation has the possibility to do so if I lag at all.