Want to know what would be really cool? What if Sapience started a thread that was intended for players to ask questions and for developers to answer them? And what if when a player asks a question other players wouldn't act like trolls and fill up page after page with snarky back-and-forth diatribes? Wouldn't that be cool?

Oh, wait, was that the original purpose of this thread? I see maybe a half dozen actual questions but I'm not seeing blue name answers, so I guess the developers have better things to do than read through all the editorial content in between.

C'mon guys, there are other threads for you to gloat about how easy everything is for you or how many players it takes to do Draigoch. This is supposed to be "Ask The LOTRO Team", where we, the players, ask a question and they, the developers, answer the questions. Post your opinions about how much smarter you are than the average bear on Facebook next to the picture of your lunch you took with your cell phone. Let this thread serve the purpose originally intended.