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    Welcome back remorseless | madcuzbad week

    First off, speaking for Redemption, WELCOME BACK REMORSELESS! You've been dearly, dearly missed by everyone. Morse so (see what I did there) by Sega Eht Fo Ohce than the freeps.

    Yes that's right, the Ettenmoors are bound to pick up now the creep Chieftain is back. He loves the extra help in the fight, so be sure to grab your Stalkers, Warleaders and Defilers and rejoice in celebration to welcome back our finest Orc-Reaver.

    In his absence, we Freeps have been putting the NPCs through their paces quite a bit and we've discussed and decided that we feel awful for laying such a smackdown on them.

    That is why, with your return, we the freeps are going to refund the enjoyment lost in Remorselesses arguably unnecessary vacancy, and in this vacancy, honour all the fine Ettenmoors PVE Content monster-players have been missing out on, due to vacating the Ettenmoors until Remorseless's return.

    As Freeps, we shall be out the Ettenmoors, for the foreseeable future, to make sure Remorseless (and the many other Monster players who have waited for his valiant return) can catch up on the PVE content without any interruptions.

    We look forward to hearing epic stories of war from everybody.

    Welcome back Remorseless!

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    Welcome Back

    Welcome Back Remo, try not to kill me too much!


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    Is this week over yet? I'm no longer mad.
    "...FF is still the best server period, its like the Texas of Lotro"-Bace

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    Quote Originally Posted by doug01 View Post
    Is this week over yet? I'm no longer mad.
    Some of us from Redemption have been sneaking into OR from time to time this past week and turning in our "mats" if you will, that we have collected from the past. If any of the creeps are looking for freeps and are willing to get off the couch (Grams) and come find us while we are "Not-in-the-Moors", you may find us on our new couch (OR) chatting with the other 300k NPCs. While we won't be PvMPing, we will be happy to try and kill you with our NPC friends from Ost Ringdir. By the way, I'm not Mad either I'm just Bad.



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