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    complicated terms deed

    My burg was at lvl 85 before the expansion came out (he is one of 9 alts) and I had no issue getting him to lvl 95. However even though I have tried desperately every way I know I CANNOT get the deed complicated terms (and I think that is still the name of it) to advance. It has been stuck at 52/75 since long before I even took my burg into wildermore. For the deed to advance my foe must resist my trick removal or my riddle. Any help on this?

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    Have you tried taking your clothes off?

    Removing gear with Finesse on it should increase the chance of resists.

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    So basically you are saying that if I want to get this deed done my ONLY hope is try to reduce every benefit I have just so there is a better chance of a mob resisting my trick removal or riddle????

    I may end up having to try it because seriously I go through trying to riddle everybody I can when it isn't on cooldown and use every trick removal skill available to me and have absolutely NO luck. Thanks for the suggestion.

    SAD though that this is a class deed and I have to resort to some sort of gimmickry to have a shot at it. I can't imagine that it was supposed to have worked this way. I wish a developer would chime in on this. I really wish I had worked more on this specific deed a couple years ago before dunland/isengard ever even came out. Maybe it would had been done then.

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    Besides unequipping all of your finesse gear, another thing that would help is to find a target that has really high resistance.

    I think the greatest resistance in the game would be found on your fellow players IF getting resisted by other players works to advance the deed. If it does, any freep would work, but ideally you'd want a Will user who would have resist from both their Vitality and Will. If they put on resistance virtues, you should get resisted quite a lot in a feigned spar (30-40%). If it's working to advance the deed, consider using a deed accelerator to speed up the process, and make sure to switch into yellow traits for the reduced cooldown on Riddle and all trick removals.

    If using a fellow freep doesn't work, or if you don't have someone able/willing to help, maybe start up a T3 skirmish and try to riddle lieutenant mobs from stealth in your yellow traits. It shouldn't aggro them even if it fails. Use the largest skirmish size that doesn't make the lieutenants immune to dazes.

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    Yes, unequipping anything with finesse will help. Also, watch it if you're traited yellow, the trait "Comedic Timing" will reduce the resist chance, so you don't want to have any points on this. My burg is only lvl 37, so I'm not familiar with burg LIs, but you will want to keep an eye open for legacies and stuff that reduces resist rating. Other than that, maybe gear set bonuses? Those are all the things I can think of that decrease your foe's resist rating.

    Other than that, I've found enemies in instances like IP or Great Goblin have high resistances, especially in T2. You might want to give these a shot.



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