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    Warden Builders and laggy internet .

    First i really am liking the warden class as a solo players its one of my favorites , how-ever i noticed that since I'm on wireless satellite internet provider as well as connected wireless through a router to the modem that the connection icon i have displayed is always yellow as a partial broken link .

    I was working on masteries seeing if i could get better speed for building gambits and had the same problem ,do to internet lag . they took up to 2-5 seconds to activate . As-well the first mastery I clicked didn't execute and was overwritten by the second mastery i clicked .

    I timed each builders animation, first the ----- animation around the border of the spear builder , that has to turn green before it executes properly or i lose that builder in making the gambit , the animation takes 1 sec . I can use the mysteries and that does speed up the gambit I'm making .
    I also find for some reason that the warden seems to have the most lag executing the skills ,or riding on the war-steed then any other of my classes .

    I would like to see the ----- animation around the builder quickened up to less then 0.25 of a sec but that might just be
    me because i have a really bad internet connection. although i don't get the same lag on my mini or hunter .

    This all being said after playing the game for years i have come to the understanding that when choosing a class to play one must consider their internet connection as if you have a bad internet connection playing a main tank / healer in group might not be the best class choice if you lag to much you could cause a wipe do to lag time of skills executing , and it might be better to play a less needed player like a hunter or dps class which if they lag isn't going to cause the same possible wipe .

    As i will play the hunter more in groups and my mini with a warning first , but i wont tank with my warden as 1. I'm still learning the fine art of masteries and tanking plus I don't have the confidence to tank yet and ,2. the lag issues adds a whole new learning curve to the warden .
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