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Solid action yesterday, made just slightly over 20k by my count. I am most certain that creeps have made quite the similar amount.

As for the other garbage: I was called out yesterday for grouping with people I trash talk about openly in ooc. Well, here is my transparent and honest reply.

When I have called someone names or whatever while being on the opposite side, this only speaks of their current playstyle as the official opposition. When we are on the same side, we are one and united against the opposition forces. That is the philosophy I play by.

As an example, Milt and I have been going at it for years, yet I heal him and help him in my full capacity when we are on the same side. What is the point of making enemies on the side you are currently playing? Keep the hate flowing towards the opposition.

What many seem to forget that Moors always has been and always will be about business (at least for me): getting kills and renown, regardless of the means.

Until then,

Yours Truly,

All your renown last night was made over my dead body