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There is thread in PvMP section "Lotro multiboxing 6 wargs video". So it is official one can multibox (well, it was already official), make video and post it in forum.
As long as someone is not using programs to bot or macro, all we can do is get used that once a while you will get killed by pack of wargs that is controlled by 1 player, not by pack of players.
Personally, I see big difference between being killed by pack of (lets say) burgs (frustrating, but ok); and by one, skill lacking multiboxing player. But thats my point of view, not the company that made this game.
And as someone said- multiboxers are very easy to kill once you will surive their burst skills they had prepared. Or when you will find them, not he/she you.
Same here. I don't like dying to a warg pack, but it is OK when it is 6 people individually controlling the wargs - that takes effort at least to coordinate. Same as getting lugied by 6 BAs.