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This guide kinda scares me away from even trying. I was contemplating making a character trying this out in one of the RP servers, but now I'm not so sure. :/

I don't have the ability to a lot of these things, being borderline dyslexic. So having to "speak" in a certain tone based on my background without using words like "it's" or "what's".

I'm prone to typos bad enough in regular chat where I can't fix it, I dunno if I could do this.
I'm on Landroval, and considered a "heavy RPer", and I want you to know that you can still RP if you want to. I've played with several dyslexics who are fine RPers. Eventually, you'll get the hang of writing in a "Tolkien" style, and I wouldn't even call this guide a "You MUST", but rather some helpful guidelines for it. I'm sure that, even on Laurelin, there's going to be a broad range of RP styles, and you'd find some folks who will RP with you.

Also: Don't use Thee and Thou or any other Shakespearean type speaking. It's actually NOT in-lore and not the way the books are written, unless you happen to be playing an elf who's still around from the early first age.