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Thread: Roleplay Buddy?

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    Roleplay Buddy?

    I have a Level 43 Man Guardian on the Vilya server, who lingers mainly in Evendim but really travels just about anywhere. Adventuring is fun and all, but it gets kinda lonely. Just wondering if anyone's interested in friending me and is also willing to roleplay a bit? Think it would definitely help with immersing me even more in the game

    I don't really play as often as I'd like to, what with school and all, but I'm just looking for someone who's happy to just ride along with me whenever I happen to be online ^^

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    Are you looking for someone who is already familiar with RPing? I'm wanting to start a RPing toon but I have no experience with it. Totally understand if this isn't what you are looking for but thought I would ask
    Dagoriel-Elf-Warden-Imladris Dagorwyn-Woman-Loremaster-Imladris Fionulias-Elf-Minstrel-Imladris Fionriel-Elf-Runekeeper-Imladris Fionwen-Woman-Captain-Imladris Dagnireth-Elf-Hunter-Imladris Dagnyrwen-Woman-Burglar-Imladris

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    I play on Vilya and like RP. Send me a PM on the forums and I'll tell you my character names.

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    Why dont you come to Laurelin? (or Landroval if you are on U.S time, but I am on Laurelin, so better for me)
    Lots of people doing RP and lots of friendly people around to ease you into it.
    [i]"It sing the tales about war and strife.
    It sing the songs about the tears that have been shed."[/i]

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    I have a couple of character on Vilya around level 30 that I haven't been playing that much with because there's basically no roleplay around. But I think it would be great to start having some roleplay on that server. So feel free to send me a message in game to either of my characters: Randireth (woman, burglar) or Eithelwen (elf, hunter)... though I mainly play with Randireth.



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