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    Post List of active kinships on Laurelin server

    due to few serious real life problems/changes I wasn't able to play lotro or visit forum for very long time.
    Therefore, list was very outdated and I decided to just delete it for now.
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    Elvedion - Guardian // Laurelin ( RP )

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    you missed the Children Of Iluvatar

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    Making a list like this is always hard and even more so to keep accurate. Laurelin on the old codemaster forums used to have a sticky thread headed up by Beren i believe. He would update the list subject to the members of kinships informing him of their status. It did rely upon kin members accurately feeding him this information though.

    The other option from a roleplay perspective is the Laurelin Archives ( a link is attached to my signature). I know the Archives are looking into trying to make it easier to discern which kinships are currently active on their listings and which are not to make it easier for their users to find one suitable for them.
    Khalis Imieran - Captain of the Warband of Imladris

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    Radix Lecti

    Very active kin since the start of the game.

    We are a mid sized to a big sized fun, relaxed, social kin.
    We have 3 raid evenings a week. teamspeak, facebook etc etc and we do real life kinmeetings also 3 times a year.

    see www.radixlecti.eu for more info
    Rollie Whitebeard,

    [color=#00FF00]Leader of Radix Lecti[/color]

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    Quote Originally Posted by rougeredmage View Post
    you missed the Children Of Iluvatar
    Yea... i really wonder how i managed to miss that kin. Will fix that...
    Thanks for pointing that out...
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    Thumbs up I' Hosse - Aeluta

    Just needed to mention that Aeluta has been deleted, and it will be helpful if you remove her from our recruitment list. That said, it looks great

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    Quote Originally Posted by failed868 View Post
    Just needed to mention that Aeluta has been deleted, and it will be helpful if you remove her from our recruitment list. That said, it looks great
    Thanks for update. Done
    Elvedion - Guardian // Laurelin ( RP )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lamaros View Post


    Fëanáró Nosseö
    - light RP

    Ingame contacts: Lasaraeg Silmariliath

    Fëanáró Nosseö (Kin of Feanor in Quenya, the language of the Eldar) is a kinship based on the EN-RP Laurelin server, started on 8/24/2013 by Lasaraeg Silmariliath and a band of enthusiastic elves, bent on creating a sizeable community of casual, social gamers - whose first rule in gaming is to have fun, as long as the manner of having fun does not obstruct the same right to their fellow players. We greatly admire the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, but we are not the kind of kin that scorns people for being out of character, if they give us the same courtesy. Basically, Fëanáró Nosseö can be described in three words: Tolerance, Friendship and Fun. If you feel you would like to give us a try, feel free to apply via this website, or (preferably) by contacting one of our officers in the game.

    Would you mind changing the ingame contacts to: Markvart and Loriandra? Markvart is the current leader, and Loriandra the co-leader/successor

    Grishmath - (Blackarrow)/Dragaz - (Warleader)

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    Add my kin, 'Keepers of Silmarils' to the list please

    Keepers of Silmarils - PvP/PvE

    Ingame contacts: Calthoras, Frunnick, Ryo

    ''We're the Keepers of Silmarils, we have been around since day 1, and are currently the largest active PvP kin in the moors. My main character is Calthoras.
    We're also the main source of freep raidleaders atm, so that means there's always kin PvP action, on whatever time of the day. Ofcourse it's laurelin, so the best time for renown is in the evenings. Some of our Keepers enjoy creepside aswell, esp if we switch as a kin and make a Creeper (we're the Creepers of Silmarils there) group.

    Most of all though, we're a steady group of friendly players, with a chill attitude. No raging, no elitism, just a fun place to be.
    PvP has our main focus atm, but we also do the PvE content. Sometimes we win, sometimes we fail miserably (apparently slows and stuns arent as effective in pve as they are in pvp!), but we have a laugh while doing it.
    If you're interested in a chat, contact Calthoras or Frunnick, and we'll gladly answer any questions you have.

    Calthoras. R14 Runekeeper - R11 Champion - R8 Captain - R8 Loremaster - R7 Minstrel - R6 Hunter - R6 Guardian - R6 Burglar - R6 Warden
    R8 Warleader - R7 Warg - R7 Reaver - R6 Blackarrow - R6 Weaver - R6 Defiler
    Leader of the Keepers of Silmarils

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    The Shape Of The Sword - Light-Medium RP


    Contacts: Psiren, Klaxon, Klarion

    An intentionally small kin, we look to bring a happy and sometimes comedic breath of fresh air to the lands of Eriador, Rhovanion & beyond. Regular weekly events and general support are offered to bright, sociable, articulate and personable Members and we welcome all races and classes of all levels to join forces against the encroaching dark.

    Our membership comprises characters at many different stages of the game and we continually look for new ways to enrich our collective stories.

    For those wanting more choice than the limited list presented by the OP may I recommend a quick look at: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Soci...ps_of_Laurelin


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    Riders of the Riddermark - Bringing life, cheer and mead to Eorl's people since 2008

    Website: http://theriddermark.org
    Laurelin Archives: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/614

    Riders of the Riddermark is one of the oldest Rohan-only kinship on the Laurelin server. Founded in the early months of 2008, the kinship has grown and changed many times, but the spirit of the Eorlingas lives on to this day. We take great pride in being a social, friendly and relaxed kinship where every Eorling heart can find a home, no matter what their preferences in gaming might be.

    We are primarily a RP kin though, and our current RP storyline takes place in Rohan, and we run the recurring event "Eorlingas Thursdays" to bring life to the lands of Eorl. Please come and say Westu Hal! to us, and share a mead with the men and women of Rohan!

    Contact Denholm ingame or through a PM on the Laurelin Archives for more information about the kinship.
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    Outcasts - Czechs and Slovaks

    Website: Outcasts.cz
    Contacts: Sosinka, Ilwee, Dreggo, Elenmenel

    Czecho-Slovak light RP kinship focused mainly on end game content with two raid evenings a week. Almost everyday we are on teamspeak and from time to time we have real life kinmeetings. We are looking for mature friendly players.
    Laurelin: Kinship - Outcasts
    Ilwee - Warden, Krindel - Minstrel, Krinborn - Lore-Master

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    Shire Angling Club

    Shire Angling Club

    Select, heavy RP mixed (but predominantly hobbit) kin with kin house and museum in Bramblebury, Michel Delving. membership is by invitation but enquiries can be made in-game to Fleuralys (cub secretary). Organises regular fishing trips and competitions and curates the Shire Museum of Hunting and Fishing.

    President: Ponso Pondhopper
    Website: http://sac.shivtr.com
    Mac Player since 2010

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    Loth-i-Lonnath - RP


    In game contacts - Alfiriel, Cirdamir and Istuir


    Loth-i-Lonnath is an Elven only kinship based in the Grey Havens of Lindon.

    Our emphasis is on purposeful, immersive role-play – and in portraying the elves of the Third Age with the grace, joy and song that is characteristic of those evoked in the books.

    Loth-i-Lonnath is an attempt to open a window on the breadth of Elven society, illustrating the relationship of interdependence between those who defend the folk of Lindon, and the locals themselves. This offers a range of immersion and activity, from acting in a martial unit tasked with maintaining an effective defence against any threats to the safety of the Elven lands of western Eriador, to playing one of the residents of Falathlorn - bakers, crafters, woodsmen, boatmen, bards - going about their daily affairs.

    The martial body is known as the Mithdirith, or Grey Watch. Originally from Mithlond and stationed temporarily in the North Lhun region to patrol the road to Rivendell, they are now permanently quartered near Duillond and have thus begun to recruit from the local area.

    The rest of the “Flower” of the Havens are the most important part...the very folk that are being protected. They are the life of Lindon...the Falathrim and folk of other kindreds who have sought out sanctuary from further afield in preparation for sailing to the uttermost west. Some are weary, others find they still have a sense of adventure, some feel they are drawn to serve alongside the other wardens for the defence of all. Some....just enjoy sitting by the river, strumming their harp and sipping wine. The havens are full of many different kinds of folk, oft with a tale or two to be told - and ever is there to be found some new festival or event to celebrate the joy of life!

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    The Sentinels

    How could you forget The Sentinels?

    One of the oldest kins on Laurelin (founded first day EU pre-launch)

    See http://www.sentinels.shivtr.com/ for more info.
    Contact Hakiryu, Faendis, Brunan, Belrim or any other officer for recruitment info or fill in the application form on our forum and we'll contact you (use ingame name).
    Leader of The Sentinels and proud member of the Players Council 2013 and 2014.
    No Death, No Glory

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    Please update Sanctuary Officers to contact for recruitment. Hithlinel is kin leader of 7 years, and people can also contact Galaetea. Thanks


    "There will be no Dawn for Men" ~ Saruman the White

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    Ooooh and 'Butterbur's Staff' is still soldiering on! A roleplay-only kinship. Members portray various servant roles in and around the Prancing Pony, Bree. Contact Ellae or any other member, every member is 'officer', so, capable of recruiting. However, beware of the kinleader: she's a real nutter and uses the kinship channel for town gossip!

    Also also, roleplay-only kinship called 'The Bree Town Watch'. Name says it all. A refreshing role to counter the overwhelming number of cloak & dagger hoodlums who seem to try take over Bree on occasion. Original kin leader is Odall, but he's on a RL hiking trip in Canadian mountains. Current kinleader is called Beechfield, by no means the in-character captain of the watch though... Most of the active members have recruiting capabilities
    Cymaru [url]http://laurelinarchives.org/profile/100[/url]
    Ellae [url]http://laurelinarchives.org/profile/12286[/url]
    Mirineth [url]http://laurelinarchives.org/profile/258[/url]



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