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    The wall of ideas

    Welcome to my wall of ideas

    Free bacon If you read this whole thing

    It has taken me a bit to put this together and some of it has been pulled from my other forum posts so if any of the wording seems weird or out of place
    please forgive me.

    Let’s get started


    So let’s start with my biggest concern which is difficulty.

    Not many people including me like to play something that gives us no challenge and fear

    Fear is the reason people tend to challenge them self’s

    If everything was easy we would all be doing it which is exactly what should not be happening in a game.

    Keep in mind the characters that we play as are not the hero’s from the book as much as I would like to be. We are simply an army unit in the grand scheme of things. Keeping that in mind I really don’t think we should be able to kill 5 mobs at a time without losing much morale and wasting no cds.

    First i bring up a new area just for people who want to challenge them self's more then the regular population. This would be along with all mobs being buffed

    Area <name i haven't thought of>

    Free for Vip and purchasable by anybody else for <X> amount of TP

    It will be a level 95 area.

    Mainly solo area unless devs would like to create one specifically for raiding groups or smaller groups

    This area will be a small area about a quarter size of the ettenmoors or half if you guys feel up to it

    Pretty much the idea of this area would be to challenge players and really wouldn't have to much purpose except maybe for some rare drops such as jewelry or armor. IT WOULD BE A NON MOUNTED COMBAT AREA

    So this whole area will literally be all elites and and rare elites and signatures

    I can not stress this enough it MUST be hard! Because of the areas purpose to be challenging players and pretty much just giving them a hard fight (when i say hard i mean HARD) it must be difficult. It must take the uttermost skill and timing and everything in between.

    Also there will be no trash mobs in this area in fact you will never be fighting more then 1 at a time because that will always mean death for you and in no way will you be able to survive even with the normal elites that's how hard they should be.

    The area will be non open tapping and im thinking it should be where if somebody attacks the mob then somebody else can not help them and no groups allowed. That way if somebody goes to solo and a raid wipes it for him then he shouldn't get the loot by not working for it.

    The elites will have heals (YES ACTUAL HEALS) and cc (YES ACTUAL STUNS AND DAZES AND ROOTS.) I want something that i should use my skills such as slows and such. mobs should have the power to run away from you and if gets to designated spot then he either heals back up or gets re spawned. Im getting a little off topic now but back to what i was saying

    So the area will just consist of elites, rare elites, signatures and all they will do is roam around this map waiting for attackers. Again it must be hard. Like to the point where there will be 5 second stuns and heals that actualy heal them self's and it should be so hard that NOBODY will never die from that area. like some of the fights will boil down to if the person gets a devastating hit or critical hit. That's how close these fights should be

    I mean people will HAVE to use CDS. They will HAVE to kite. They will HAVE to have good virtues. ect.

    In this area there will be different level of how hard the mobs are but all of them will be difficult and only the pro's of the pro's will be able to challenge and win the best of the elite mobs.

    So to wrap things up a tough landscape area. Someplace off to the side, completely optional. A place to go to at level cap to do tough landscape type content where i can go and just challenge myself and actually die (i know you guys didnt think that was possible anymore

    This should be an area where people go and expect to die

    They train there to get better

    maybe for pvp, or raids, or anything else.

    They go, fight, die, Train more get better stuff

    Then go, fight, die, Then train more and get better stuff

    Then go, fight, win, challenge next higher elite



    If not this then maybe something like a tower of levels where you go in to first level and fight like 5 mobs

    if you win you port to next level with a elite

    if win go to next level and it gets harder and harder ect.


    As of right now my burglar being level 72 has never had any crafted gear what so ever. I have never used cooked food or any buffs of that sort. This needs to change! If i can get close to the level cap with never having to use crafted armor or weapons that you know the difficulty is where it should be.

    My virtues are very low and yet i have died maybe 10 times more whole experience and half of those are from going AFK or auto run off a cliff.

    Cooked food should be a big part of the every day life.

    It should be the difference between life and death

    All the crafting professions should be used not only at level cap but at all levels.

    People should need to earn virtues in order to survive.


    Mobs need to be made harder

    but not just more dps and health but more freep like attributes

    They should have the will to run away forcing us to use slows which have never been a part of fighting mobs making the slow skills pointless unless in pvmp.

    Also they need to have cc.

    not just 2 second stuns but like long ranged mobs being able to root and then kite as they hit you.

    Also heals needed to be added to mob arsenals.

    not just a quarter health heal because that is one hit for us at the moment.

    It should be more like hots and spammable heals that the mobs actually use.

    WERE NOT HERO'S WE WANT TO DIE SOME TIME!!!! I want to have to run away from mobs!

    Also an idea i had earlier would be to have mobs travel in warband like groups but with different classes for the mobs such as:
    Healer:A healer that would travel in the back of the mob group and the primary goal would be to heal his group and would not dps at all unless the last surviving mob of the group

    Buffer: a mob buffer that would add armor ratings, incoming healing rating, max morale +, more damage, ect.

    debuffer: a mob debuffer that would debuff you such as less damage, less healing, longer cds, less mitigation.

    mob caller: a mob that would attack for the first few seconds and then have a long 10-15s cd that if allowed to complete would call in an extra 1-2 mobs.

    melee mob: high dps mob with sword or what ever weapon.

    Ranged mob: high dps long ranged

    CC mob: a mob that would do medium damage and in his arsenal would be roots, slows, stuns, dazes, ect.

    Dot placer: a mob that would place tons of dots over time so you don't lose much morale at first but then all of the sudden if you don't kill him fast enough it starts really burning you down!

    Ect. All these mobs would travel in groups and it would be a different variety for each fight

    Their are endless possibilities with this and what this would allow us to do is to add strategy to each one of are fights and have to plan ahead and not just run in, nuke everything, get quest reward

    This would also be along with buffing all mobs giving them more health and damage

    Recap: make mobs harder and have more freep like skills and much more knowledgeable in how they fight.


    Here's what I want.

    I want every house to be different!

    Anyway back to my point.

    1. Every house Should be different.

    2. Every house can have a different theme


    I mean like themes and atmospheres to your house

    Imagine this:

    1. A dark house with ruins out front and maybe even the house itself is in somewhat ruins with vines growin up the side and tall grass around it and inside it looks somewhat like a broken down castle and when you get near the house everything becomes darker and more creepy.

    2. A smugglers house where all it is is a mound of grass and a trap door down into a cellar room with chests filled with gold or daggers up on the walls so something kind of secretive looking and burglarish. Trap door and a cellar an idk that kind of theme


    3. A wizard tower house. Maybe like a semi big tower kind I like the elf ones now but taller and maybe like 3 floors and possibly adding the option to climb ladders? But being a rune keeper I would love a wizard tower! Maybe have runes floating around it and old bookshelves and the atmosphere of magic in the air! This would be so cool for me!

    4. Just throwing around ideas but creep houses?

    Anyway I guess my focus is having more options with housing and have a different atmosphere that could be customizable for all houses.

    Make people want to see others houses and I love the idea about house ranking so others would want to come and see yours and you get ratings and stuff I don't know.

    So yeah different atmospheres/themes with each house and not one house the same.

    Another thing that i saw was add something like a piano to houses which i thought is a cool idea.

    Also make their be a purpose for coming back to your house. Yes rest xp for sleeping in your bed and something like that would be nice but i need something else maybe like a band of orcs are attacking it and i have like 10min to go defend it or else i lose money or something like that.

    Also I saw this suggested some where but what about for kin houses having the option to add a table where people can play poker?

    Something where you can have kin members or just random people come and sit down at a table and do some good old fashion gambling. Their could be these tables in places like your kin house or even the prancing pony.

    This would be something where you can bet in game gold so you can make some money or lose some money from this.

    Speaking of money this brings me to my next point.

    Alright so one of the things i love about online games is earning money. It has become some what of an art to me. You know buying low selling high. Getting something cheap in glff and turning it around and putting it in AH and making a profit. Stuff like this really gets me excited and i wish that some how some way there would be a bigger focus on in game money. To be honest i haven't thought this one through very much and have come up with no ideas but i want a better design on making money. Maybe something like you can barter with vendors even? like you can offer different prices if you want when you buy goods from them

    For example you want to buy something for crafting and its base price is 50 silver you can offer the npc 40 silver and she can refuse, except, or re offer a different price or something along those lines

    Now that wont work if the stuff you buy is only like 2 copper coins. So the base price of all things you can buy should be raised as well as the stuff you sell to them like a key only gives you 1 copper? really!? Like for me its sold!

    So that could be for npcs then back to what i was saying about money: I feel like rare stuff isn't very rare. Boxes and keys aren't very rare (and really dont have very good loot from what i can tell) and they don't usually sell for that high just because its not something in demand.

    So anyway i would like a some more thought put into the bargaining side of things and make it more of a skill that can be developed in game (not saying i know how to do this but it would be cool to see something change)

    And maybe this would mean money would be hard to get?

    enough with money though...


    Virtues are pretty much useless right now to be honest

    They give you stats that you don't need with other stats that you do need

    i have never maxed out virtues because i feel there so disorganized and just confusing and such a grind!!!!

    here is my proposal:

    I say that you reduce the amount of virtues in like half.

    Make it so that virtues only give one stat and not useless stats but good stats!

    lets give a few examples

    Wisdom: Only gives will

    Honesty: Only gives more morale


    These virtues would give one base stat and that is it including: Will, Vitality, Resistance rating, Max power, Max morale, Tactical Mastery, Agility, Might, Small armor bonus, ect.

    So their would be a virtue for all main stats pretty much.

    I feel like this would clear things up a bit and make the system simpler. Now we could still do deeds for these but this again is pretty confusing.

    I feel like at the beginning of lets say level 10 you get a deed for every virtue that exists. And once you complete that deed the next deed is introduced. Now the difference between this and the old system would be this:

    Lets say their is a deed that gives you the virtue that increases max health. Once completing the first tier what would normally happen? If im correct it would give you the next deed but with a whole new virtue that gives something like might?! That's confusing right? i say their should be one line of deeds for 1 virtues

    So I want max morale and i complete the first deed and i get Honesty rank 1 now the next deed i complete in that deed line will give me Honesty 2 and so on.

    This way I'm not doing the deed for might and then after completing that one that deed leads to one giving me agility which i don't want.

    Another problem with the virtues is they give random stats that i feel don't do much at level cap or in general.

    With maxing out mitigation super easy those virtues are useless at level cap and some of the other ones nobody ever uses because of the stats

    This needs to be changed which brings me to my next point


    What does crafting have to do with virtues you say? Well i have just started a cook recently and i was looking at some of the stats of the food they give and like this is ####! Fear resist? really? how many times have you died in a pve battle because of fear? how many because of wound? how many because of poison? Most of the stuff they make except for the main stat foods i feel like don't do much.

    Lets take the food that give like 80 in combat morale regain. Well i have no clue what that means and has anybody ever found that super useful? i mean i know it helps some how so that's why i use it but to be honest i have never noticed anything?

    For in combat and out of combat morale and power regain i think there should be a stat in your character journal.

    So like if you moused over in combat morale regain with a rating to the side of it would say every 5 seconds you gain x amount of morale when in combat and so when you ate the 80+ the x amount of morale regained would be increased by 80. ect but i have no clue how that works

    Back to my other point with cooked food is if your really going to give us food to use....then please make us have to use it some times because i never use it. Only for pvmp is it beneficial and even then the other food except for the x+ agility ect. is not useful.

    When i say make sure we have to use it this means both make pve harder so that food could make it a life/death situation and make mobs do more dots over time and fear us more and put poison on us that actually does us harm so that the food which is meant to help prevent us from getting those debuffs might actually be used some times. Also even if they did that, food doesn't seem to help with its 6% poison resist or what ever it is. Maybe it would help if 1. It actually prevented it and 2. If mobs actually used poison and fears and bleeds that did something more then 1 dps per 10 seconds.


    Last thing with crafting, is cook and scholar don't seem to do much on their own and i propose that you combine them and make all consumables 1 crafting.

    This leaves a shortage though of crafting professions so i don't know if that is ok or not.

    Also tailor doesn't help very much with pvmp so i think their should be something added to that that could benefit pvmp. I know they can craft class items and such but that doesn't seem enough. Even just add a ton of cosmetics to be crafted by tailors that would do something at least.


    Short one here but at prancing pony you can buy drinks from barlimen which is pretty cool for parties and stuff like that buuuuuttttt

    you pay 2s for a 1 second emote.

    I haven't alot with drinking but i think after you drink a few of some of the good old dwarf-en beer that something should happen.

    either your screen gets blurry or you can move very well or you glitch on purpose or something along those lines where the drinks can affect your character

    NEW PVMP CLASS: 250 TP for vip and 800 for non VIp (just because its new) and later on make it free for vip maybe

    one thing that monster play is missing is a magic user for the bad side

    I want a dark rune keeper!

    for bad side it would be more of a black magic user but anyway.

    This guy would be a non induction long ranged 30m or so black magic user.

    Now that i think about it their is no long ranged class that has no inductions on bad world except ba some of the time and even then its not much of a non induction class

    So this would be a high dps squishy black magic user with no inductions

    Its primary purpose:dps

    Secondary: Debuffs

    Secondary Secondary: healing (like 1 or 2 skills like rk)

    Now dps is self explanatory. Maybe something like an attunment work up just like rk

    Now Debuffs: Something we creeps dont have very much good ones of.

    I know we have the -vit which is pretty good and silences and such but im talking real debuffs

    While im thinking about it wargs Howl of Unnerving should be made an aoe -30% incoming healing and outgoing healing for 15 seconds or something because right now that skill is next to useless except to scare freeps or something. Also flee bitten gives like 25% attack duration...### is attack duration? i dont even know that is!? and it doesn't seem to help what ever it is. Is it the delay of a click of the skill to the skill being executed? I always thought that was just lag (which needs fixing) but maybe that's just me.

    Back to main point the debuffs for this class would be pretty good such as -incoming healing or -damage or -incoming healing or something along those lines that would actually affect Freeps!

    now again debuffs is not primary, dps is so the black magic user would only have like 2

    Healing: same as rks but less because creeps already have 2 healers. So like 2 skills that have maybe 1s induction that can heal anybody and not the best but not #### either


    So im not super big into raiding at all im more pvmp but i do know that that part of the game has been slacking.

    Just give us some cool, fun, different, and challenging raids and i would be happy and im sure most other people would


    One thing that i have not done very much but i did it recently and i was like HOLY S*IT THIS IS FUN is the instance The forsaken inn one....i forgot the name :/ The one where you go down a freaking water fall and their are mazes and traps and riddles and just fun stuff like that!

    for a non hard core raider that is the funnest thing ever! if you could make more stuff like that to me that would be super fun!

    *favorite part was the first time i did it and didn't know there was a waterfall and i fell and i was like screaming in my room cuz it was so much fun* (not really screaming but i enjoyed that instance so much)

    LAST ONE: CC (mostly for spiders)

    So of late i have heard a lot of rage from spiders about how they have been nerfed and stuff

    well i do agree

    personally i don't even play spider but i was comparing their cc with a LMs and to be honest its pretty sad

    One web the earth needs a change, either make it bigger, last longer, or have a continuing slow after. Even if their is an induction to it im sure spiders would give up movement for longer and more potent. Also what about adding a debuff to it and making it just like tar the earth and give a -acid mitigation?

    Also one thing that makes me mad is the cc with spiders are all like break chances which is kind of confusing for me but can we end that whole thing of break chance? stuns should be stuns and roots should be roots. roots should last 6 seconds (with aud 3) and if they hit the target then leave it there for the duration of the time don't make it so it breaks out right away then the roots and dazes end up being like .5 seconds. Also the spider stun needs to have less cd. Also give them more cc in general but don't allow them to chain stun by any means but make it so the stuff they do have is potent.

    Anyway this is my wall of text and ideas please feel free to comment and leave ideas but one thing i do ask is don't take this out of subject. if had posts go from talking about pvmp to cosmetics so if you could just stay on track with what i say and don't go off on something that is way off topic thanks for reading

    Also i have no bacon sorry i lied

    but if you did read all of this *thumbs up*

    please comment on this and keep this at top of page because this took me forever and if it doesn't get a lot of love i will cry

    Its also really late at night so any mistakes please forgive me.
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