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    A Way to Improve the Trait Trees for Everyone

    There are a lot of people out there who are grumbling about how the new trait trees stink and should be completely removed, and other are out there saying that the trees are great and allow you to specialize your character to how you want to play.
    However, through all of the grumbling, nobody has offered a real suggestion on how to fix them besides just throwing them away.

    A way that would please both sides of the argument would be to nerf the trait trees so that a trait would only give a 5% boost instead of ten, and then reinstate the old system but nerfed as well.

    This would keep your specialization and allow you to customize your character the way you want?
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    Thank you for offering a suggestion on trait trees that attempts to help everyone rather than just yourself.

    It is an interesting idea and I definitely approve of your intended purpose. Unfortunately, both groups will complain about any half and half system.

    I would like to see a fourth trait tree with all the old skills, arranged in two tiers, where minor skills cost 5 points and major skills cost 10 points. If 5 minor skills unlocks the ability to buy major skills, it would materially work like the old system. With 65 Trait Points a character could unlock 7 minor skills and 3 major skills. Then let people trait however the heck they want.

    It will not happen. This new crop of developers knows what is right. They are not interested in inclusive solutions.

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    Most, if not all MMOs use trait trees and if they don't, they'll change to it. I think they should just use a 1 point system instead of 1 for specialization & 2 for out of specialization. I like the trees. They're in all the games I play so I'm used to them.

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    I'm in favor of seening trait system just removed. (it has some good points, and way to many bad ones)

    All it did was Destroy my style of play, and limit what my Rk could do in 1st place, where other classes got free "god mod"

    For me, removing plus 2 cost on trait lines outside your color be nice direction. But would still limit me past point of what i was able to do.
    But this still doesn't help with solo healing. Losing parchment for epic of the ages, killed me.
    Losing writs in healing attunement, killed me stack extra buffs while doing heals, or simply attacking. (solo or group)

    Going Fire, Blue on my traits allowed me to Be a fire Rk and a Heal rk at once, and carry benefits befitting my set up as a RK. Now I need switch and be out of fight for 5-10s seconds while quick slots update..

    My Hunter, is now better off. But I miss picking my legendary traits. 3r, few y. To cover all bases.

    I don't wanna be limited to 1 trait line.

    Another fix, would be to let us pick are legendary skills again. So when you have 10/10 skills picked, you can pick 1st bonus skill on left side. 20/20, 30/30 etc. Instead of forcing me into one path.

    Old style let players really mix it up, and choice what they want.
    Its just to limited now.
    It lest for me and my play style. I think my champ is only one who is 100% happy in her AOE path.

    My main character(rk) is pretty much a unused character now under new system. I don't need a "trait line" and forced bonuses. I need to pick them if I'm gonna be a useable and playable class.
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