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    Looking to trade...

    flawed symbol and emerald shard for a L95 2nd Age Lore-masters Staff. Reply or pst/mail to Manzerek in-game.

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    a) It would be helpful if you posted which server you're on. And, more likely if you posted this on the subforum of that server, rather than in the generic Crafting forum.
    b) You're not offering much of a trade. Unless you're offering 2x Symbols and and 2x Shards (one set to cover the creation of the LI, and one set to serve as payment).

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    it's brandywine, sorry, 2nd age 95's require 1 flawed symbol of celebrimbor and 1 emerald shard, plus the normal mats. I could throw in an extra 500 silver for the handful of wood it takes and 30 seconds to craft and mail it but why would i give 2 shards and symbols when it only takes one of each to craft it? unless a staff takes 2 of each but i crafted my own 2nd age dagger and 2nd age burg tools and they only took one each....only a real d-bag would require an extra of each as payment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamascus View Post
    only a real d-bag would require an extra of each as payment
    Really? I would have thought that they were the ones that assumed that someone that but forth all the time and effort to get to max standing with the Woodworkers guild was only worth a measly 500 silver.

    Want a service? Expect to pay for it.



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