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    Watchers of the North (Ranger faction only) Servers; Riddermark, Laurelin & Landroval - RP(roleplay) Kinship

    Watchers of the North

    Servers; Riddermark, Laurelin & Landroval
    Faction: Heavy RP(Roleplay)

    Intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_JfHLs2Nc4 (Recommended to play while reading)
    There' is no greater honour than fight for what you believe in, the darkness have taken off their mask and shown it's face.
    But there's still a small light, still óne last hope. The shadow that overflows the North will soon come to an end. Arise Dúnadan, arise and take your birth-right, follow your faith, and fear no darkness for we will aid you until our last breath. Follow your path and become the leader of our realm, scare the shadow away that long have been sitting on our lands, and reclaim the throne of our legacy. Travel now Dúnedain, lead us to victory.
    For every step that we take, is the steps that you make.

    Knowledge of the Watchers of the North(ranger only faction):

    About us: We are a group of men which plays our characters as Rangers of the north(Dúnedain, Singular; Dúnadan)
    we aim to create a faction of rangers around the north kingdoms. We travel together in companies to aid friends and allies. Every member can RP(roleplay) As a freelance ranger but can be in a company aswell.
    Instead of having a kinship house the companies will create camps out in the wilderness or use old ruins thoughout the world.

    Details/Requirements: This faction is a RP(roleplay) faction, that means you are required to follow our rules about OOC and IC (Out of Character and In Character)
    and you have to stay availble for RP from the moment you log into your character untill the moment you log out.

    The faction has a sub faction and that is called a Company by color, example ''The green Company or the Black Company etc.'' A company is lead by a captain and his officers/provosts. every ranger(member) can join a company if summoned by a captain, Otherwise you stay as a freelance or trainee ranger in the faction,
    you has to earn your reputaion and ranks in our faction.
    Officers/provosts are chosen carefully by the chieftain/Leader, don't expect to grade up right away. every rank have their own job and responsibillity in this faction. EVERYTHING WILL BE DONE RPLY, FROM MEETINGS TO FIGHTING TO RANKING.

    *Note- In order to call yourself a Ranger of our faction you will have to do a few tasks/quests which will be giving to you when you have showed interest and earned reputation among us in the group, If you can complete that test you are one of our brethen's. Don't think you are a ranger right away just because you have been invited to the kinship, nobody's is someone without bleeding for the cause. If there are felt any lack of interest in RPing or so, you will be uninvited, as i will state again this is a RP faction, we're a community for RP and if you don't follow our scheme, then you just don't belong with us. So if you want to be apart, show interest in the faction and mail other members on daily base, instead of just being on your own and not having any contact with anyone even when there's alot of other members online. You ought to stay IC and be ready to RP if summoned, from the moment you log in, to the moment you log out again. If you are confused on what to do, give the kinship founder a IM while you are IG.

    -You have to be the race of men(Dúnedain)
    -Wear ranger cosmetic clothes at all time(A standard ranger outfit will be giving out, but if dont like it, use it untill you have build your own up)
    -Standard ranger looking weapons(as. Swords, daggers, bows and spears. Nothing fancy as a Crossbow or anything alike)
    - This is a low/medium lvled faction recruits are about lvl 10-60,
    each members will be trained up by a Officer of this faction, so we can keep point on how ready you are to aid us in combat.

    About combat; when we are traveling out as a Company we organize how we will attack our foes. If we split up in the company to flank each side of the enemies camp, officers will lead a few amount of rangers(about four-six) and they ought to do as their leading officer tells them to do, otherwise you wont be allowed to join any battles in a company again, until you learned of your fault(this is a RP faction, if you are a soldier ICly you don't disobey your commanding leaders order). no one should act hero, means you just dont run into the enemies camp and kills each of them, thats too unrealistic, one single guy don't take out an whole army on his own. IRL you only got one life, and then you are dead. If you dies you wont be allowed to join that battle again, but stay at our camp and RP you are recovering your wounds from the battle. To make the battle last long, avoid to use skills and just let the character do the attack itself.

    Good things to do: A good thing to do before RPing with us is creating a personality for your character, such as who he is, where he's from and build a backstory of his life, and probably also about who his parrents is. Let's say your father was a ranger of the north in his life and was slain in battle, one of us old characters would might have known him or heard of him, since people of the Dúnedain have extended life time up to three times more than a normal human being which only has a life time of 80 years(basically)

    Weapons: we use standard weapons from sellers toughout the cities to get the best most cosmetics weapons from the movies which rangers used(although if you got some 'special' weapons already which you think looks like a rangers, ask the leader of his opinion about it. We do not care for getting the best weapons at all, but to appears as basic rangers with our appearence)

    -Swords; we use basic swords as lvl 20-38 called longsword or sword In game.
    -Daggers; lvl 15-38 called boot knife.
    -Bows; Long wooded bow, wooded bow or wooded shortbow, lvl 15-40.
    -Spears; anything that looks most as a rangers spears lvl 15-40+ (i prefer Long-handled spear, lvl 40.)

    Ranks among the faction:
    Highest rank.
    - Chieftain; Is born with the blood of Isildur son of Elendil, and is heir to the throne of Gondor and Arnor. He has the birth-right to lead the rangers of the Dúnedain.

    Company ranks and duties.
    - Company Captain; Leads a Company into battle, He's responsible for every rule and strategies are kept in line in the Company.

    - Company Provosts; Is the captains most trusted officers and ought maintain the captains orders among the soldiers and lead Company soldiers if they are splitted to attack a flank.

    - Company rangers(soldiers); Are rangers who are summoned by a captain to join a Company to aid their allies into battle, they ought to obey any orders of their commanders.

    Basic ranks/Freelance
    - Captains; Has the responsible to train and make new recruits into rangers and battle ready. They keep point on each trainee they got to make sure only the best skilled once are among us. They give out orders to smaller groups of rangers which has to patrol each region under his command. And final makes sure the Chieftain is informed with all news.

    - Officers; Will lead a patrolling crew of three-four men around the regions and makes sure the Captain are informed about anything.

    - Rangers/Watchers; patrols in certain points of the regions of the Northern kingdoms under a Captains order to keep their people safe for danger of evil, they take out smaller camps alone or together with a small crew, and scouts on larger enemies forces and reports to their captain/officer with news in the wilderness, they are dedicated to protect the free men of the northern regions so a ranger would also aid a stranger(another player) in need of help and escort them to safety.
    (They can join a Company)

    - Recruits; Is not yet a ranger but on his way to become one(If right material), each recruit is assigned to a ranger to learn the ropes of becomming a ranger themself.

    Additional ranks
    - Library of the Dúnedain: Has the duty to inform and teach new borns the history of the Dúnedain.

    - Advisor: Has the role to advice the Chieftain in matters of great need.

    *Note- A company also called a Sub faction is not always active, since a company is only putted together if needed to aid an ally or take out an large enemy force.

    Q; How do i know i'm not a recruit anymore?
    A; You do that when your kinship standing aren't recruit anymore, once you have been set as Kinsman/Kinswoman you are a ranger among our ranks
    another question.

    Q) Where can i find members of the faction?
    A) Look a inn's at the major cities in the northern regions. (important! Do not just walk up to him and tell him that you want to join, try get his attention in a way he might can use you and he will approuch himself to you)

    *RP-note; don't just walk up to one of us IC and act like you know us or know who we are, cause RPly you don't know us or our names. you might doesnt even know what we are, if you do so you will be seeing as a non-rper and WILL be ignored. In real life people dont have a text over their's heads with their names and titles.

    (OOC note)
    About new recruits we welcome anyone who would like to join, if you already know how to RP it's a plus but if youre new we will spent as much time as possible on teaching you how to Proper RP as a ranger of us, so you will get as much fun as possible within' your stay with us.

    Acceptable classes to join with is:
    - Burglers(few)
    - Captains(few)
    - Lore-master(not often recruited and can be elvish being in few cases)

    Q) what does High, Medium and few stand for?
    A) It stands for what classes we need most of, High is because we need hunters as many as we can get, because they got the skills as a ranger experience in lore.
    Medium stands for that we can use them because they can be skilled with bow and few means we recruit them but we wont accept too many of them.

    What RP roles each classes will be used to:

    Archers(hunters, Guardians, Champions) are used when destroying a horde of orcs on range, mostly we flank our foes with three-four archers on each flank and let the foot soldiers fight up-close if neccesary, we of course try to kill our enemies on range.

    Burglers are often used as baid to lead the foes to our frontiers, then the archers strikes. Otherwise Burglers will mostly be used to deliver a report from a Company leader to another one, if aid is required.

    Lore-masters will be dedicated to have studied the Dúnedain since the first days of born or be the ''libary'', mostly due that new brought recruits or new generations don't know much of our believes and our cause, So their requirement is to keep ancient knowledge of the Dúnedain, to give it out to those who don't know.

    Captains & Wardens will be used to up-close fight, in case that the enemies foes comes too close in battle, they will guard the archers.

    What is Out of Character(OOC)?:

    -OOC means out of character. Your character is not you. You cannot react the same way, because it is not you. You personally can be outraged with something, but your character not give a care. This is also true vice versa. There are many fights that happen here on the site, conflict is inevidable. But, your character can fight with someone and you yourself should not be affected at all. RP is not RL. You both will not make the same decisions, at least, you shouldn't. You must remember that just because someone hates your character doesn't mean it's you they dislike. Fights spill over into OOC all the time, and this is just highly unacceptable. In order to prosper here, you must remember this.

    What is In Character(IC)?:
    -IC means in character. IC is basically the opposite of OOC. While OOC is you talking not as your character. IC is you being and talking like your character. Most of your posts, if not all will be in IC. Being in IC means that you are playing as your character and not yourself. So be your character.

    OOC RULES in chats and between members:
    - NO BAD BLOOD: Hating between members wont be accepted, if there are any bad blood speak with one of your officers in a chat on only you and him to get things straight.
    *See us faction leaders as a kind of rolemodels, cause none of us want to see the faction goes to an end because of a argument so instead try work things out if you can't control your personal emotion and mix them into your characters feelings, take a break and come online again later on. And then try to be friends with the guy you fightened with.

    If you got any questions write me a mail or search for Arvenarth in the game. I'm availble and will respond.


    - Arvenarth(Riddermark) faction status; Inactive atm
    - Mithwath(Landroval) faction status; Inactive
    - Mithwath(Laurelin) faction status; ACTIVE

    “Where now are the Dúnedain, Elessar, Elessar?
    Why do thy kinsfolk wander afar?
    Near is the hour when the Lost should come forth,
    And the Grey Company ride form the North,
    But dark is the path appointed to thee,
    The Dead watch the road that leads to the Sea.
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    Now on Landroval.
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    Rangers of the North

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    Probation update, now on Laurelin aswell.

    The Laurelin charter is a bit different from the Riddermark & Landroval Chapter, since Laurelin is a full RP server then more demands are comming.

    First of all. You are a ranger of the North, under the lead of the captain's and the Chieftain.
    You should put lots of effort into your character.
    Rangers is smart and dangerous but they do ALWAYS obey orders from their leader's espicially when it's the chieftain who spoke.
    following the lore, any ranger which did disobey their commanding captain would get executed.
    Each ranger are on their own out in the wilderness, on ''duty'' means they wandere some locations and protects who ever is in danger.
    Keep in mind though, rangers are not the bree-land ''local police'' and taking out a couple of bandits if the free folk are overnumbered but they do protect the people of their lands if nescessary.
    From time to time we will held ''events'' and travel out in a Company together, with a captain and his soldiers. Taking out large enemies encamps and etc.
    And always report everything which happens out in the wild to your commander.

    Requirements and details;
    You ought to be a male or female of the Dúnedain(i prefer to chose Bree-land in the character creating)
    classes like, Champions are acceptable, but if you really want to rp as a ranger i would go with Hunter class.
    Pick a realistic sindarin name, since the Dúnedain honoured their elven friends with using their kind of names.(example such as Mithwath or Mithgwath which mean's Grey Shade. You can find sidarin names in google)
    You ought to RP as a ranger of the Dúnedain, means you ought to act how they did, and do things as they did, like protecting the remains of their lands, keep people safe among the roads of the northern kingdoms of old (what i mean with the last sentence, is if you spot a traveler/stranger in the region you patrol in, and his in need of help, you should go and help him out. Rangers would help anyone in their lands from orcs of angmar and mordor.) You shouldnt be the type of guy who are bad at taking orders or are being a lonely wolf type of guy, rangers are taught loyalty in esteldin before they become rangers in the wild.
    You ought to stay in IC/RP mode from the moment you log into your character and play every second in character.


    Captain - Leads and organize.

    Officers - Maintains the Captain's orders among the watchers/rangers within a company and handles the new recruits, they report any news they get to the captain.

    Watchers/Rangers - rangers wanders the wild on duty and keeps patrol on certain points though-out the Northern kingdom by the Captain's order, each ranger are assigned to an officer and reports all news to them.

    Recruits - trainees which are gettin teached by the officers to fight.

    *note- the lower lvl you, are the better. picking a hunter and start as lvl 1. No one is a perfect ranger from day one, each time you make up a lvl with the hunter you earn a skill which is fitted for a ranger and that means we can train you RPly to become a ranger.
    Proved skills;

    -Find the Path; makes you run 15% faster(rangers were fast on foot)

    -Trackskills; Passage of Nature/Foes/Shadow (Rangers were masters in tracking down their prey due to long lives in the wilderness)

    -Camouflage; They were ecellent in camouflage.

    -Campfire; When out in the wilderness rangers made campfires to keep themself warm at night.

    -Travelskills; Rangers knew their lands like if it was in their pockets so using these skills wouldnt be bad to have, since they probably knew the fastest ways to come around.

    -Trapskills; I assume rangers where good a making traps due that their long lives in the wild forced them to hunt animals to survive.

    These are just a couple of cool skills which the hunter class will offer you.

    About RP.

    BAGS; you should fill them with stuff, like food in a certain bag, along with potions and example dyes. And have another bag for your weapons etc. Rangers usually had a knife to example cut a animal open to get it's intents.
    And your final bag should be for your clothes, like cloaks and such, rangers would probably have extra clothes with them incase it's a raining day or in case you end up in the mountains in a snowly region.

    SURVIVE/being realistic;

    You should also from time to time think about sit down and take something to eat or drink, a human can't live forever without eating, it's a good way to keep on RPing your character from time to time, or take a rest near a campfire.

    (will be updated later in future)
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    Rangers of the North

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    Thread updated. Laurelin chapter is now active

    Rangers of the North



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