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    Target of the Week

    Here's an idea from my old server that my tribe-mates and myself thought would be an extremely fun idea to bring over onto this server. Originally it was called "September's Target of Opportunity", but I think a full month is too long to do on a small server like this. Basically the idea of this is that the server as a whole picks 1 (ONE) creep and 1 (ONE) freep to always try to kill first. So if there's raid-versus-raid action there, and the week's target is in that group, that person MUST be targeted first until dead. But to keep this event being centered on just a couple of people for weeks on end, there are a few rules and limitations. They are as follows:

    1. No one may be picked for Target of the Week for consecutive weeks.
    2. Once picked, there is a Grace period of 10 weeks where the Target of the Week cannot be picked again.
    3. The old Target of the Week people pick the next week's Target of the Week. The old freep pick gets to choose the new freep and the old creep gets to choose the new creep.
    4. The Target of the Week MUST be targeted first in any type of action.
    5. The Target of the Week does not extend to that player's alts; it's only that one specific character.
    6. This Target of the Week does NOT mean that you can simply gank this target. If the Target of the Week is engaged in a 1v1, you CANNOT gank him. And if he's in the 1v1 circle you CANNOT gank him either. If you see the Target of the Week solo playing or questing, feel free to go try to kill him.

    P.S. It's no fun if people purposely never log on during the week they are chosen. It is immensely fun to do this and an honor to be picked for the Target of the Week. This is an attempt to bring more fun back to this server.

    Now with all this being said and the rules laid out, it's up to the players if they want to start this game. It's no fun if the majority of the server does not agree to participate. So before we take nominations to become the first privileged Target of the Week, we need to make sure that a lot of the players thinks this is a good idea and agree to participate. I know for a fact that there are some players who are agreeable to have this started. So if you think this is a good idea and are willing to try it, please say so so we can start this up.
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    I think noone will follow these rules.

    But i would volunteer for being the first Target of the Week - on either Wl or Reaver, if there's actually people interested in this "event/game".
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    I like that idea!!! Specially fun on the choosing part! Lots of bad blood and bullying! hahah

    But it seems a bit hard to get ppl playing by it. So I had another and decided to post on a new topic, as to not derrail that post... Battle Ground of the Week! Check it out

    The ideas are not excludent...
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