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    Hunter - Woodsman or Historian

    I'm playing a hunter who will have no alts to assist with crafting. I'm torn between being a woodsman (to make my own bows) or a historian (to make my oils and bow-chants). Can any experienced players give me advice for the best long term option? I'm sorting of guessing both are good? Thanks for the help.

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    How "long" of a long term are we talking about?

    It's useful to be able to make your own bows from lvl 7-45, because at 45 you get your first Legendary item. Though, if you join the Woodworker's guild and keep up in crafting reputation items, then you can eventually craft your own Second/First Age Legendary items. And, you can craft your own Agility Relics.

    On the other hand, from lvl 20 on, you could always use some oils. And, it doesn't require guild access to take advantage.

    Personally, I chose for Hunter to be a Woodsman and had my Warden be a Historian. Granted, I have one of each class, so I have all vocations covered.

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    I appreciate your reply. As I play casually, your post helped a lot as I intend to go with a Woodsman to help with bow making. Thanks.

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    Keep in mind, you can always buy Oils from a Hunter Trainer. The only real difference is that the player crafted ones have longer and longer durations, depending on their tier.

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    It is usually easier to ask for a bow, than to have someone else making 10 stacks of bow-chants (and provide scholar mats. People usually just use their onw wood when making a bow for other player).

    I have my main (hunter) as Woodsman, and it turned out to be a lot less useful than Historian (during leveling the bow from quest/reputation vendors are usually as good as the ones I could make, then after lvl 45 all I need for level was Third Age LIs from mobs). Of all vocations the best for main would be Explorer. Scholar mats drop from mobs a lot, but when I wanted to level a jeweller and weaponsmith, I had to level up another character just to collect ore - if only I chose Explorer on hunter main, I'd have a lot less work to do.

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    If you are set on those two, keep in mind Historian also has weaponsmith. While you are a bow using hunter, you are also a dual wielding hunter. Those weapons add tertiary stats to your character like Agi.

    While your Bow will be legendary at 45+ the swords/ daggers you dual wield will not.

    In any case you still need to gear armor and jewelry and don't seem to mind that. I suppose it's really more about what you want your name on.

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    Interesting opinions.

    I'm definitely only going to be playing one character (work, kids, life, etc).

    I don't want to do the Explorer route because I'd prefer to not do double gathering duties.

    Hmm, you guys have given me a lot to consider. Thanks for the feedback.

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    I have a 95 hunter, and I SWEAR by the historian vocation for her. Once you get into the 20s, you'll be able to use bow chants/oils, two things I can't play my hunter without. Bow chants and oils make you hit harder (bow chants reduce enemy skill damage mits and light/fire oil will give your arrows light/fire damage so you're not using common). Also, you'll be able to craft morale and power potions, focus potions, and hunter books (tome of the wind-rider, etc). Historian definitely.
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    Again, I appreciate the replies.

    I've briefly, and I emphasize briefly, tested out a Woodsman, Explorer, and Historian, I've decided I'm sticking with Historian. Thank you for the input. /closed



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