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    Greetings from nowhere!

    Hello everyone, my name is Samuel and I am new to LOTRO. First off I will be directly honest I don't know what to expect with this game, I myself am a RPI player who enjoys separating IC and OOC so I guess my first thing to look for is a "Kinship" and figure out how to do a character sheet in this game. I am currently unable to post anywhere else but here but if you know of a good RPI Kinship or are part of one then please send me a PM. Thank you!

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    You're an RPI... A Rensselar Polytechnic Institute? A Ranking Percentage Index? A Raspberry Pi? o.O

    Anyway, I'm not sure what you're expecting. The free regions of the game will take you till about lvl 30. Play through that and decide whether you're enjoying yourself.
    Then, you can choose whether it's worth spending any money on the game.

    iirc, Landroval is the unofficial role-playing server for the US, and Laurelin is the unofficial role-playing server for Europe.

    As far a character sheets are concerned, this isn't D&D. You can't screw up your character by making a mistake. Press C to open your Char info, J to open your Trait panel.

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    Ha, nice sense of humor, I guess I should explain a little better that RPI means Role Play Intensive.

    On another note, thank you for the advice.

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    Create a character on one of the English language RP servers that HaleElven mentioned: Landroval for US play times or Laurelin for UK play times. Play the character through the tutorial instance (minutes) and the racial starter area (a few hours). Once you complete the latter, you will be out in the wide world and can travel. Find a stablemaster (always right click on a stablemaster the first time you see a new one in order to register to be able to use that stable). Take a horse ride to Bree. Wander around Bree. Odds are good you'll find people roleplaying almost any evening, guaranteed on weekends.

    Whichever server you join, check the server forums below this for regularly scheduled and/or upcoming roleplay events. Read threads by kinships to see who is who.

    If you happen to go for Laurelin, I strongly recommend you still create a character on Landroval and level them up to 10 at least. Every summer there is a big concert called Weatherstock, held on the top of Weathertop. Quite a few non-RP players have characters on Landroval wearing their best finery that they log on each summer just to go and hear the music.

    Have fun!
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    In each region there is also a roleplaying chat channel that you can use. You can select it via the chat filters that are accessed by right clicking on one of the tabs at the top of the chat log.
    Also, you may notice that some players have white text and white tooltip when you mouse over them. That means that they are marked as roleplaying. You can toggle roleplaying on/off by typing /rp on or /rp off in the chat line.
    These are available on all servers, but you may encounter players that are acting out of character no matter what you do.



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