Bastardi Inglorious!

Not new kinship, but until now we were closed comunity of our own. Now we want to try and invite new people who are mainly interested in PvMP.

We count 25 members now, but each one of us is PvMP oriented, but we do some raiding aswell.

Facts about kin.

Leader: Zrinko/Killerhealer/Spyware
Officers: Arribald, Hiigaran,Nannfinhir,Jyv,Chacru na,LastKingz
Age: 25+

Must be 18 +
Must have lvl95 geared character (we dont accept members under lvl95 nor undergeared)
Must be pvmp oriented, we do ettenmoors mostly, but if you need, we will help in PVE elements.
We do not accept known clubbers/Macro users.

Casual kin, if you need good laughs, making fun in ettenmoors, no other rules apply.

Send tell in game to anyone listed above, but best would be mail or ims to Killerhealer directly or to Zrinko (mail only)