Some of you may know of a certain Reaver that has been on a bit of a hiatus. Rumors abound. He got banned, he hit the lottery, he was shot while robbing a liquor store and it goes on and on. Being a Hobbit of some influence I was able to obtain some private information about this Reaver. My understanding of the matter goes a little something like this.

He personally was asked by Turbine to undergo sensitivity training at Turbine's own expense. Apparently to be paid back in monthly stipends of Turbine points. By their own reasoning its all their fault anyway. So when he makes it back home lets all try to be understanding what he's gone thru and take it easy on him. After all he did it for us also. I would advise against offering him any Hoarhallow Ale as it is against his own personal CoC as agreed by him and Turbine. Again he did this for us. What a swell guy. Anyway I thought I should let you guys know he's doing well and on his road to recovery. Hurry back soon buddy I have a hobbit foot I want to give to you personally. I'll let you guess where I want to put it. FREE REMO !! FREE WARGFOOT !!