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    Hidden trait points in HD

    Maybe it's my fault since I failed to do a proper search on the forums, just found no exact matches and this information seems rather important:

    How do you get 5 extra trait points in Helm'd Deep via questing:

    1- upon completing "The Broadacres Betrayed", which is the finishing quest in a long line of Stoke quests where you are summoned to help Frithild, (spoiler alert) then she dies from poison and Torferth revenges her death and eliminates the traitor, Ordlac.
    2- for completing "Woodhurst has fallen" at the end of Stonedeans quest line. Starts in Woodhurst, goes through Brockbridge and Gapholt back to Woodhurst.
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    It is on the forums. From memory:

    The 1st can be obtained by moving people from Underharrow to Dunharrow (but phasing bug means you have to complete Broadacres landscape AND the epic as far as Stoke first).
    The 2nd is triggered by a quest called All Roads Lead to Aldburg.
    The 3rd is triggered by saving Stoke from the traitor (the one you've noticed).
    The 4th completes in the instance Woodhurst Has Fallen when you help the Thane and the lumber merchant take back the town. If you haven't gnawed through your own table from the sheer frustration of the Stonedeans quest line.
    The 5th one is earned by finding and rescuing Grimbold and getting him to Helm's Deep, and can be started from Grimslade.

    Max trait points = 65. Currently only my hunter has had the patience to get all 65; my cappy is on 63, and my minnie and burg on 62.

    This is also why spamming sword-halls to level is a bad, bad, BAD idea. If you're lazy you may end up at level 95 with only about 58 trait points... not enough to use the system to its fullest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aedfrith View Post
    It is on the forums. From memory:
    Thanks, this is VERY MUCH appreciated!
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    Update: my LM has now got all 65.

    As a rule of thumb, do all quests that Thanes (or other ppl near mead halls) tell you to do. Quests that are auto-triggered by a quest to "scout point X" typically tend to be optional if the thane has told you to go to point X.

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    The points are not really hidden. It is 5 points for the 5 main storylines in the 5 new areas. Follow the quest-rails so to speak and you will get them eventually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyos View Post
    Follow the quest-rails so to speak and you will get them eventually.
    There are shortcuts if you know where to look.



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