We all love to point finger and tell one another that this is ok while that isn't.. Fact is, cheating is cheating.

I know a certain burg that many are accusing of cheating even now, after this last update when they supposedly fixed the macro issues. Maybe they are cheating and maybe they aren't. The problem is, once caught cheating, then you are likely to wear that tag from that point on.

I believe we are all a part of the problem. As a community, we don't have defined standards of play and even support and encourage cheating to a degree.

Example: Multi-boxing, even the Devs have stated it's poor sportsmanship, but how often do you see others supporting boxers at the many camps we have?
How many times have you seen someone call another player who isn't winning all his or her battle a poor player/noob/sorry?
When I beat someone easily, my first thought is there's someone who isn't exploiting their advantages or hasn't learned how to yet.

I also find it amusing that some of us who consider ourselves the most honorable players think it's ok to cheat just a little. Folks, if you use Vent, Teamspeak, Mumble or any third party program during your time in-game. Your breaking the rules, especially if it's being used to manipulate conditions in the Moors.

If your logged into both sides (Creep and Freep) on multiple accounts (spying), your cheating/being a poor sport. Anyone who listens to and acts on any information you give them while double logged is just as guilty of cheating/poor sportsmanship as the person that is doing the spying.

Bottom line, there is so much of this stuff that goes on that there are very, very few of us who aren't guilty to some degree. Just realize, that in your haste to get that coveted "High Rank", that if you have been caught out and out cheating at some point, then to most the community, that rank really isn't going to mean anything. Not that it means anything anyway other than more skills for Creeps and Battlefield promotions for all.