Hey everyone

I play my RK most of the time and I'm loving my d0rf so much, however occasionally I miss running in melee and actually seeing my weapon. I only played champion pre-HD and after the update I have only touched a burg (and the RK).

Is champ still the only "real" melee dps class? with burg I mean. While capt continues being support/tank (as far as i know) and guard is tank etc. How is the dps/soloability for these classes? (capt/champ/guard/warden) I'd roll a champ any day but I don't want to be doing AoE skills on Single Target until they fix the red line but on the other hand i could roll a champ now and it'd be ready for the future fixes. lol, class choices always make me insane.

Anyway, any insight on the melee classes that you could give are welcome

In all my past MMOs I never got used to tanking. I'm not saying i'm bad at it (And I've never tried it in LotRO so...) but I always felt like its not my thing. I prefer healing, and in other games I've been pretty decent at it. So my choices are usually dps/healing.