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    This is not a problem for this build. The blue-line build in PvP is intended for only one strategy: spam water-lore. By making use of effects like "Coordination" or "Don't interrupt me", along with the fact that the blue line is the fastest line (barring possibly a Yellow spec that off-specs deep into blue), you can almost guarantee that you will be able to stack enough water-lore that no single creep can possibly kill you. This build puts the induction of water-lore at 0.7s if I remember correctly. Of course, you should have several opportunities to use it without any induction at all. With all this, even the fastest wargs out there won't be able to prevent you from stacking enough water-lore.

    There's also the heal from loyalty, which is very significant. If by any chance you manage to mess up, you still have WotC to save your ###. Other than that, just toss a BE or a LotRD when water-lore is on cooldown, keep SI up, and let your pet DPS. There's no need to hurry; no single creep can out-dps 3 stacks of water-lore. It simply cannot be done.

    Of course, if you don't wish your PvP experience to be just a zombie-like spam of one skill, this isn't the build for you.
    I see what you're saying. I usually switch between red and blue depending on what I feel like using at the time =) With blue I run things to increase my pets health so when I get crit I get healed for quite abit more and run some red for induction reduction and yellow for the extra healing and down to playing with fire and also pick a point in storm lore works decent enough.
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