I'm a returning Loremaster and I've come back for Helm's Deep. I've spent quite a bit of time getting my characters up to lvl95 and have spent some time in the moors now that I am done.

The first few days were pretty brutal(not much has changed) since I had no audacity gear(yes I've been gone that long) and had to work for it. I learned quickly that I needed to be with a group to make anything happen and survive. Being in a group got me 5/6 pieces of my audacity gear but it still feels about the same. Everything destroys me quickly(less than 8seconds) when I'm solo, even 1vs1. I've got a little over 15k morale and I get hit pretty hard regularly. In a group setting if no one focuses on me I can dish out damage fairly easy and not worry about casting times, but against a warg all I can get off is a Wizard's Fire(being kd'd from horseback). I can do just fine if no one hits me LOL!

My questions are:
1. What are you LM's doing out there to stay alive? Are you successful as a solo LM?

2. What's the most promising build for the moors these days? Best gear? Best rotations against creep classes?

I can't say I really enjoy the game very much coming back, but I'd like to hear some tips from some of the pro's who have been at it awhile.