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    Best Trait Line for lvling


    So yesterday I asked for a good solo class for instances (my main is a Hunter...and due to RL reasons my hours of playing restricts me to playing pretty much alone) in the end game. I ended up going with a warden and well, I know absolutely nothing about the class. Since most of the info I've found are outdated (I assume) due to HD, I just have some general questions:

    What is the best trait line for leveling and then soloing later on in the endgame? I've seen some say red, some yellow, and blue seems pretty good for soloing. Which one is effective purely for leveling, and which one is great for soloing end game instances when I get there? Pictures and explanations would be great .

    Secondly, I'm not too familiar with the gambit system. Coming from a hunter, this may be a really noob question but are there specific gambit rotations most wardens use? Like are there 3-4 gambits that are far above the rest for general solo'ing that most people rotate around? I'm sorry if this is a dumb question as I don't really understand the gambit system well at all XD

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'd say you can never go wrong with Blue. Mitigations and bonus healing never hurt.

    As for Gambits, it depends on the situation. I'm not sure which level which Gambit is learned in post-HD gameplay, but as long as you remember the gambit families you should be good.

    Interrupt: [12], [121], [1212]
    Bleed: [123], [1231], [12312]
    Heal: [21], [212], [2121], [21212]
    Mitigation/Evasion: [23], [232], [2323], [23232]
    DoT/Evasion: [32], [323], [3232], [32323]
    AoE Lifetap: [312], [3123], [31232]
    Power heal: [12131]



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