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    Class choice for me

    Hi. I know there are lots of threads about which solo class is best but, they don't answer anything for me. I am a melee guy at heart and id like to have some aoe for mob fights in old instances. So the choice is champion, guardian and captain(burg is an option but I am really put off by the lack of aoe and only having 1 damaging aoe and only in QK spec). Id like to solo the hardest stuff I can and go back and solo instances and skirmishes and what not. I don't care if its dual wielding or 2h or 1h/shield. I assume ill be in tank tree for soloing and dps tree in groups. So id like to be accepted as dps in a group when im not soloing since I don't care for tanking or healing.

    Is there a general consensus as to one being better than the others for what I would like to do? I already have a captain and champ at 40 and a guard at 30. I like them all and thats the problem. Id like to focus on 1 instead of suffering altitus like in my other mmorpgs. Thanks for any help anyone is nice enough to give me despite there being similar threads.
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    Going by your description you want to go with Champ. Captain doesn't really have much AoE potential (it's better in HD than before, but still pretty limited) and in groups is usually expected to offer support and heals rather than DPS. Guard could be an option, though at least before HD they were rarely picked as DPS in groups (and their default role is still tanking).
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    I suggest Champ, though I might be biased. I also suggest leveling in AOE spec (yellow), at least most of the time. There are very few problems in LOTRO that can't be solved with more DPS.
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    Thank you very much guys. Champion it is.



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