I wont be taking much of your precious time so I'll just cover the basics. Pretty much everything is clear just from the name of the thread.

This kinship is made for players using "free to play" gaming model. As such, it doesn't have sky-high ambitions towards endgame content. In fact our primary goal is to help each other in getting as much as Turbine Points and do it faster than it would be done by making the all progress alone.

Also, if you are part of this kinship you will benefit in these stuff:

- RP is way more realistic with players that can make progress within your own limitations. (yes, some day someone will buy quest pack or expansion with farmed TPs but it's much more acceptable than RPing with VIP guy that will just rush trough levels to current endgame content)

- Farming TPs is faster and takes less grind

- Compete in progress within community that shares same goals and problems as you do.

- Share and get new ideas on making your progress faster.

Now the set of rules. Have in mind that some stuff can change depending on what community populates the kin. As a leader, I spoke to few members and here is what we agreed on:

1. Kinship chat channel is OOC only (out of character)
2. All ingame encounters should be IC (in character) preferably. However, encounters in kinhouse (once we get one) are IC ONLY!
3. Any type of insults simply wont be tolerated. If you have something against someone, discuss it in private. Kinship chat is NOT a place for argues and fights over personal things.
4. Kinship chat is english only
5. If anyone at any moment buys some quest pack or expansion with real money he should be out of kinship.

We are not RPing as military organization, as a merchant guild or some sort of rebels. Everyone has a freedom to develop a character with his own background and story. Whatever role you pick will be accepted as long as it's not breaking any of the, above mentioned, rules.

Guild web site: http://breaveheart.guildportal.com

Thank you for reading and have a nice a day.


P.S. - here is the previously made topic once kinship was in stage of creation:

DO NOT post anything here unless you are interested in joining us.