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    Recall Your Past - Best Moments!

    I saw another server have a thread like this. In the past __ year(s) you have being playing this game. What are your most memorable moments in the moors? Those times you will remember forever, and that you laugh/smile/enjoy the thought of.

    So here is mine:
    On Saturday and Sunday mornings, I would come out on my old hunter, and head to old ec. I remember duo'ing with my brother. And the creeps hiding behind the tree's. This is what I think of when I think of the moors.



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    I started one of these threads a few years ago and it got closed pretty quick, so keep it positive everybody.

    I have three moments that really have stuck with me, all from several years ago.

    First was a time when Berzekiel and I held stab against half a creep raid while some friends fled for their lives. We were not grouped and still drove them back twice before the third wave got us. It was one of those moments where you felt like you were standing in the Lotr story and doing something awesome.

    Second was a time when Doronorr and I partied near old Orc camp. Entirely because he is amazing, not from my skill, we made a stand that should have been turned into a song. We were driven back and back as they had the rez, and finally died on wtab but it took 6 creeps almost 10 minutes of constant attacks to take us down. Miss you on freep side, Doro/Coco.

    Third was actually a post. I was having a bad day. We had lost our first child, moved across the country and I had basically been forced by circumstance to quit my dream job. I got zerged all day. I was tired and frustrated. I flipped to creep side, about to do my first and only rage post. But before I could someone posted something in OOC along the lines of "I love fighting Eulogia. He makes it fun to be out here and almost always stands and fights. Only person I don't mind dying to and feel bad ganking." Accurate or not, I don't think that person knows how much their comment meant to me that day. It's a stupid game, but that day a comment in a stupid game really helped me out.

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    Many memories over the past 7 years, but one clearly stands out above the rest...

    So TMR had a healthy raid out, I was in an Arise group and we had already seen good action, well at about this time was when the height of the tennis drama was unfolding. Tennis, at the time was on his warg, he was still in vent with us (and no, he wasn't spying). Well the craid went for one of the relics, and as is always the case, no matter which side you play after you kill the cg to tyrant a discussion ensues... who is going to carry the relic. Well, tennis on his warg had followed the craid there, watched the whole thing at which point I told him in vent, take it quick, they will be trying to figure out who is going to carry it - and he did.

    The rage was massive, most of them flipped to freeps to hunt him down and kill him, his intent was never to deliver it, so it didn't matter to him. As I recall he was killed in isendeep, but hilarious, I don't think I ever laughed as hard out there!! The fact that it was tennis created even that much more hate.
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    Way back when I used to play creep and in a Drak raid we rounded up all the cows and killed them. Unbelievably everyone listened and did not loot them so they did not despawn. We all laid down inside the cows and waited for the freep raid to come by and we ambushed them. Very funny.

    Attended by Coldaen

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    I remember naked walking on my champ and mini from GV to grams. And others joining me! Then Daarlin killing me:-/

    I also remember dying a lot!
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    + Rep for Drakor

    My best memory was walking past my sons room. He was 8 years old at the time and playing he's creep raiding with Drakor leading. So I stopped and listened for a while Drakor had Kody calling targets and the whole creep raid was having such a fun time. NO yelling and name calling in Draks raids if you carry on like a tool there was no spot for you. No hate just some peeps having fun. Kody still keeps asking if I had seen him just so he could say hi. That makes me smile what a nice guy.

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    Tons of best moments here on Silverlode. Made some great friends too! That's all that is keeping me here really. I accomplished everything I wanted and am jaded at the lack of a new pvp map in 4 years. Such a silly promise to not follow through with especially given the ability to revamp the whole class system in 4 months.

    My favorite moment was a few weeks ago. I lost a friend in real life. Good pal, since childhood. I logged in not really wanting to play and immediately got a raid invite. The raid consisted of 24 people I would deem friends. We had a blast, and that was the perfect remedy for that situation.

    But, the funniest moment ever was this (please look at the picture)

    Turbine had advertised that Developers would be coming out unannounced at certain places in the Moors "When help was needed". It was a slow morning, being camped at OLD EC by 15 freeps. We had like 4 creeps vs..the whole server. The outnumbered buff was all the dev's needed to "help". The fight began with a 3 vs 5. Maggot out of group healing myself and a few others. Then BAM! 2 devs. MAggot went crazy on heals and I had my finest moments as a reaver. We killed 3 freeps then dragged the 2 dev's to TA which was Creep held. As soon as the Dev's ran through the fire-they became normal. The health pool that was 171k dropped to 7k and I dev striked Minelan for the kill. Over 500 infamy. Maggot, who had the most timely bubbles ever-ultimately had the KB on Arnbrand inside the keep-after calling him out mid battle in OOC as seen in the chat window. That was the one time I felt like I actually knew how to play this game!
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    Aralorn and Amanda kissing behind tr!!! Also 24 warg pack raid back in the day.

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    I remember when there were actually good fights and not just people sitting at lug back door acting like they have skill

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    I remember when wargs were considered a dps class.

    ...Oh, and when spiders had 3 babies - I liked the brood.

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    Best memories I have were the massive 1v1 circles we used to have...

    Also recently there was a good day when I ran into like 3 solo creeps throughtout the time I was playing and had some good fights

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    Twosox sprint rushing the stairs at GV for the kb before getting oneshotted.

    Maggot troll on the top stair at GV.

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    Telling the greenies that the lug and EC flags went to the top of the GV stairs and most of the time they would listen

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    Agent, I took the time to make you a new sig, you will always be my favorite defiler (not kidding). Enjoy the game bro

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    Calm down sir. I always enjoy the game

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    Best moment was getting darling rank 15 with her being in stealth...... Jk actually that was a great night. The whole server came together for a small time to take pics and run around in a train it was a great time.

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    Top 5

    5- Hearing Grievious voice on vent for the first time
    4- Ramboe vs Morkel raging at each other for hours in freep ooc
    3- Nannu one-shooting a just hipsed Daarlin with a remorseless strike
    2- The few months during SoM when Silver filled with pro players looking for good 1vs1
    1- Fights against Tiki, Kissethir and Poiison.
    U M B R E N I L-1 L A N D R O V A L

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    "STOP ASKING QUESTIONS AND SHOOT THIS MINI ANG U NOOB". first time out on a BA in a jimi learn to creep saturday morning raid.

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    Best moment is when you come fresh out to the moors and kill the special cute bird under the pretty tree <3

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    Red face

    Getting my first invite to a warg pack with Consumption, Daarlin, and others. ^_^ Being a greenie warg without a clue, it was nice to be included and told that I was doing pretty well and asking the right questions.

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    One link led to another, and I stumbled upon this thread. I had a lot of fun reading it! Too often, you find PvMP related threads full of rancor and snarky remarks. Cheers... I hope you all have many more Best Moments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabilgathol View Post
    Top 5
    5- Hearing Grievious voice on vent for the first time
    4- Ramboe vs Morkel raging at each other for hours in freep ooc
    L ... O.....L @ #5, hahahhaa...wonder if we'll ever hear his real voice, probably a lil girl.

    RE #4, hahhaha. I soooooooo remember that day, poor kid got so mad he got himself a nice fat permaban, ooops.
    <evil grin>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daybreak View Post
    1. Ramboe raged at me for no reasons when I xfer here. End up, we become good friends (weird)

    2. Being the only freep during Aussie Prime, playing Hide & Seek with Demise creeps.

    3. Watching movie and napping in the Delving when everyone is wondering where is Ayashi.

    4. First creep I tried to 1vs1 in this server, Poiison.
    But Daarlin interrupted the fight. Have to Call up Icedragon for the rescue LoL..
    ###!? what about the day I sprinted out of EC into STAB to save you from the zerg and escape together holding hands to Bree?!?!? i died for you gurl, I DIED!
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